Battlefield 4 Xbox One Second Assault Operation Firestorm Gameplay Video

Last Monday, Electronic Arts invited select members of the media to their headquarters at Redwood Shores, CA (30 minutes south of San Francisco) to check out the upcoming Battlefield 4 Xbox One timed-exclusive MP expansion, Second Assault. It features a selection of classic Battlefield maps, updated for Microsoft's new console, including Operation Firestorm.

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malokevi894d ago

wow. That looks fabulous.

MajorGecko894d ago

i only saw 1v1 jet action i hope they at least put in two per team

swishersweets20031894d ago

I thought next gen operation firestorm was supposed to have more than 3 flags?

RaptorGTA894d ago

Chances are they were playing this map on Conquest and not Conquest Large.

TheBurger29894d ago

looks awesome but this guy needs some practice with the jet