10 Cool Xbox One Fitness Features You Should Know about before Launch

GamerFitNation's Tamika Moultrie breaks down ten cool Xbox One Fitness features that you should know about before launch to get you gamer fit on the Xbox One.

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I really want to try this. Anyone else excited for it?

corvusmd1762d ago

Hell looks like the shizznit

Kevin263851762d ago

Absolutely. Planning on doing some P90X on Sunday!

3-4-51761d ago

Kinect2.0 should be able to scan for body injuries.

Redinfamy1762d ago

I need my abs with this

Cherchez La Ghost1762d ago


Ryse is free as a DD for the Day One Edition Xbox One. The Manager just confirmed with me at Game Stop.

SilentCabose1762d ago

Calling BS, just spoke to my local Gamestop and they said they weren't doing anything like that. Only the free Ryse add ons

fenome1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

I was actually gonna read this out of curiosity, 11 click pages. Stopped on the first one, I hate clicking through pages and pages for info that can all be put on the same page..

Now that I look back on it, I guess if this is too much effort for me then the whole fitness thing might not apply either.

Not criticizing the features mind you, just reflecting on my own laziness as well as my annoyance of click sites.


As far as the clicking I agree and it's my site. We are going to install a slider as soon as we are able. I hate clicking pages too, but we wanted to see if our readers would like it if we did it this way. As far as your Laziness goes. Dude get off your ass and #BeGamerFit :)

fenome1761d ago

I was a skater for like 11 years straight, now I'm in my 30s and all my old breaks and strains are really starting to sink in. lol

Right on, the slider idea sounds like a good one. Wasn't trying to bash your site.


Nah, Dude I didn't take it personal I did build it for Gamers like yourself after all. We want to give you content that helps you get healthy.

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