The PS4 and Xbox One Utilize DTS to Carry New Sound Formats

The new DTS-HD can encode the systems' native output to bypass SPDIF limitations.

In recognition of this state of widely available HDMI and/or optical connections and products featuring legacy DTS decoders, the next-gen consoles can use their built-in DTS-HD transcoding solution to encode whatever raw LPCM signal the software or media is outputting, into a signal optimized to take advantage of whatever DTS decoding capabilities are found on the other end.

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Kydawg1700d ago

It's about time for me to upgrade my sound system, speakers, HDTV, and everthing else just for next gen. All of that "cutting edge" crap I bought a year ago is obsolete now and is going straight into the garbage!

AKS1700d ago

High end speakers should last for a decent span of time.

I'd wait a bit on the TV, as new technologies are slowly rolling out, and they will have ghastly prices and probably some bugs and other issues early on.

Receivers get replaced more often than speakers, but I can't imagine why you'd need to replace a "cutting edge" receiver you bought 1 year ago.

level 3601700d ago

To fully appreciate this format you really need to have an amplifier that can decode DTS/HD 7.1.

And to get best results 7 speakers + 1 subwoofer or even two.

5.1 will be able to transmit this signal with very subtle improvements but it ain't the real deal since your still missing two extra speakers ( the left and right surround ).

( )

AKS1700d ago

Depends somewhat on the size of the room, but if you have a decent sized space for your home theater setup, 7.1 sounds pretty amazing. I'd recommend checking out all of Naughty Dog's PS3 games if you do.

But if you have a smaller sized room, go with higher end 5.1 rather than trying to squeeze extra speakers in there. It's easy enough to add left and right rear surround speakers if you get a bigger place later.

iiwii1700d ago

When I upgraded from 5.1 to 7.2, I heard my PS3 games and Blurays like I had never heard them before. It was an amazing difference. My reciever is also THX certified. The second sub added that movie quality bass/rumble in action movies that I had been missing.

AKS1700d ago

I have a 7.1 setup, but I think many gamers, particularly younger gamers working on establishing themselves financially, probably do not. I'm just saying that you need adequate space to get the full effect. You don't want your left and right surrounds bunched together in close proximity with left and right rear surrounds. In a smaller room, 5 really nice speakers may sound better.