Killzone: Shadow Fall Review-Just Push Start

JPS Writes: "When the PlayStation 4 was announced, Killzone: Shadow Fall was one of the games Sony hyped for the system, showing off its amazing graphics and vast improvements over its predecessors on the PS3. Competing with top shooters that also came out with the launch of the PS4, like Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4, Sony hopes that shooter-fans will forget about those two games and focus on their title instead. Does Killzone: Shadow Fall have what it takes to lure shooter fans outside of their comfort zone?"

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WorldGamer1704d ago

I really don't know what the low scores were about with this. The single player is extremely enjoyable. Strange sites giving it lower than an 8 IMHO. Strange indeed.

FlunkinMonkey1704d ago

It's mostly websites with agendas quick to get their biased review out during the release of PS4, therefor trying to affect sales (call me cynical ha). This is why none of them could be bothered to try the MP properly, which is a massive plus of the game.

Most of those reviews have passed now though, hence the better reviews.

OsirisBlack1704d ago

Agreed so far all of the games I have on my PS4 are phenomenal. KZSF is much more fun than the reviews would lead you to believe....

chrissx1704d ago

This game is the Best console Next Gen FPS available today

Jac5al1704d ago

The multiplayer has been a blast so far. Clan matches will be great on this game just like back in days of KZ2.