Ten Things Rockstar Did Right With Grand Theft Auto Online

Kirk Wallace of MMOAttack writes that While we mostly hear about how Rockstar fucked up the Grand Theft Auto Online release, there's also a massive amount of things that they did right. Here are his thoughts on the subject.

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derkasan1766d ago

I'm glad Rockstar listened to the fans and kept things transparent. It might have been a rocky launch, but things could have been a lot worse.

Shadonic1766d ago

So true

Rockstar is amazing

BattleTorn1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Ugh, I hate people that take the time to defend the missteps of large companies.

I have been extremely active in GTAO, and have reported many issues to R* directly. I recieved feedback in a couple instances, but most of the issues have remained unfixed.

Let's not forget that after all this time, they still haven't been able to get online crew leaderboards up and running.

Also, I can't believe people actually fall for the "GTAO is a seperate game" BS. Can any other game claim that their MP is "a free add-on" that no one can't complain about the state of it - cause it's a "free add-on."

porkChop1766d ago

The only reason Rockstar said it was a separate game is so that it wouldn't bring down the review scores of GTA V.

creeping judas1766d ago

I've had more fun with this game, than I have had with another game in a long time. That's all that really matters to me.