PS3 Home Giving Away Three Classic PS1 Games for Completing PS4 Experience Quest

8CN: PS3 Home is currently awarding NA players with three free PlayStation games for completing a quest in the new PS4 Experience space. By participating in various tasks, you can get free redemption codes for Twisted Metal, Warhawk, and Demolition Derby, all of which are playable on the PS3.

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AC2020x1729d ago

Bring PS home to PS4.. Best thing ever!!!

zeee1729d ago

I could never understand HOME. I mean, God knows I tried. I tried my best but I just couldn't get it. I tried going back to it but then it got a bit too confusing. I think Sony should leave Home to PS3 and instead make the Sharing feature and other PS4 features work even better.

Lionalliance1729d ago

ohhh snap! Now this is a good way to use Home!

Zancruz1729d ago

Meh, I still own those games.... There's no point for me too go on some quest, It's cool for others and cool of Sony to do. But I would love an Demolition Derby remake on PS4!

TheUndertaker851729d ago

You could get the codes and redeem just in case. Doesn't hurt.

Think of it this way. If something ever happens to your discs (Not saying it would but in reality it could) then at least you'd still have the games available to you plus it'd save another purchase down the road if you ever found it justifiable.

Zancruz1729d ago

True, But honestly I can't stand to play games that far back anyway, they make my eyes bleed... lol, Call me a graphic whore IF you want. I can only play last gen games for a little while after the new gen releases, Just to catch up on games I missed. I stopped playing PS2 games 4 years ago, So in about 3 years I'll stop playing PS3 games. While I still have my classic PS1, PS2 and soon to be PS3 they sit on my shelf as great memories like photos...

P_Bomb1729d ago

Awesome! Thanks for the heads up, gonna go get the codes right now

305LoneWolf1729d ago

It would of been better if it was our choice of what 3 ps1 classics we want

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