YOU’RE the Problem: Tips to Help You Stop Ruining Gaming

It’s that time again… A new generation of hardware and software is making it into living rooms across various countries. The problem? There’s two of these bad fellas, and everyone’s got an opinion about which is best. Opinions are fine though, right? Well, sure, when they’re not being shoved down your throat by an annoying fanboy who seems to have spent more time snuggling his Nathan Drake blowup doll than using the very-much-needed Hooked on Phonics his mom bought him last year.

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alejandroelputo1699d ago

The problem is microsoft. Period, there I said it.

Gore-Content1699d ago

Sh*t storm incoming. Better have your shield up.

CrossingEden1699d ago

Yeaaaaa, screw microsoft, the ones who innovated the fps genre with halo, and provided the most innovative form of online multiplayer service for ten years. Seriously people like you are exactly the type of person this article is talking about.

Hicken1699d ago

How long ago did they "innovate" with Halo?

And what's been "innovative" about Live, and how have they maintained that since?

What have they done lately, besides make a very serious attempt at making it so you never actually owned another game or console again?

Dante811699d ago

Gaming...being ruined since 1980.

Kyosuke_Sanada1699d ago

I wholeheartedly agree, if the gaming community didn't accept a lot of these practices as "necessary" evils then he crud we have to sift through just to enjoy a video game would have been removed along time ago. The thing is after the Playstation 2/Xbox/Gamecube era, everything just flew south due to the age of the "interwebs" Gamers are tearing each other apart due to anonymity, developers are more worried of pleasing reviewers than their actual fanbases, the monstrosity that is DLC and the list goes on....

But you know who truly benefits from the "virtual bloodshed"? It's the Sony,Microsoft and Nintendo but not in the ways they should. People are fighting over products that provide less quality than their price tags instead of unifying to demand a better one on the whole. Nobody is demanding that Sony/Microsoft make better decisions in launching their consoles especially when patching is concerned, instead we fight on whose better? We dont focus demanding complete games at launch, instead we fight over who has better exclusives.

My hobby have a coliseum with toddlers as the gladiators and big game companies laughing their way to the bank for doing bare bones to make sky high profit.

GiantEnemyCrab1699d ago

"Nathan Drake blowup doll than using the very-much-needed Hooked on Phonics his mom bought him last year. "

HAHA omg that is classic! And so easy to picture being a regular here.