Xbox One Architecture: 8 GB of NAND Flash Memory Discovered

This is not to be confused with the system memory of 8GB DDR3.

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TIER1xWOLFPACKx1825d ago

this was known about a few months ago

gameseveryday1825d ago

I am not sure whether this was known or not. But the actual specifications were released just today.

P0werVR1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

IMO, maybe a part of it is for the snap features with apps. But my big guess would be for the Xbox One's VMs for both OSs (Windows 8.1 and the gaming OS.)

Expect some very unique app features from Xbox One when Windows 8.1 releases where Xbox One will seamlessly be compatible with Windows 8.1. Very powerful apps.

dedicatedtogamers1825d ago

It likely helps with cacheing or otherwise suspending the various system processes and whatnot.

Either way, it'll help take a load off the main processing hardware.

HardcoreGamer1825d ago

i just discovered this myself too, its amazing. THIS SHOULD PUT THE GAMES TO 1080P UP AGAINST THE PS4 . BUT RUMOURS ARE SAYING IT CAN DO IT BETTER THAN PS4,

I CANT WAIT, THANKS FOR THIS ARTICLE because its hot news and needs to be shared.


as a xbox gamer, that was weird and really cringe worthy article

WMANUW1825d ago

"8GB of NAND storage in Xbox One. Our sources tell us that games developers have no access to it - suggesting it's for the OS and apps."

Dlacy13g1825d ago

This was most certainly known but nobody has known what its actual use is for. My guess is this flash memory is there for the OS. Flash memory does degrade over time from my understanding so it wouldn't be a good fit for "developer" use. Whatever is in there is something you will not want to be constantly writing over on.

frostypants1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

It's 8GB of storage, not really memory. When techies say "memory" they mean system/video RAM. 8GB of RAM is a lot. 8GB of storage is meaningless.

jebabcock1825d ago

I *think* on other hw devices nand is used to store firmware or like a bios on a pc...

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WorldGamer1825d ago

They also discovered Al Capone's Vault in there, right behind the BD drive. See.....

Jk, lol.

OT: I thought this was known just as TIER1 said. Maybe this is additional components tho.

mydyingparadiselost1825d ago

Geraldo mustache cloud power confirmed.

deecee331825d ago

Gotta admit I LOL'd at this^^^

Kayant1825d ago

dGPU confirmed /s

OT - This has been known from the hotchips event

Dlacy13g1825d ago

@Stick89 BUBBLE UP for making me almost spit my coffee out! LOL

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Irishguy951825d ago

Didn't know that...It ain't Ram but...very nice. No wonder the OS is so smooth.

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The story is too old to be commented.