Is Europe Getting “Made in Japan” PlayStation 4?

While PlayStation 4 has launched in North America, it won’t be available in Europe until 29th November. A lot of issues, that were reported on PlayStation 4, emerged from hardware manufactured in a particular factory in China. It seems like Europe is getting an entirely different batch of PlayStation 4 that is “Made in Japan”.

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Zefros1731d ago

what does it say on US box?

Majin-vegeta1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Made in China.

@Below Maybe but it seems most defect consoles were shipped from Amazon.I got mine at GS and have had no problems with it hardware wise.

Zefros1731d ago

AH okey, should be good then!i live in europe, maybe those that are produced in japan have been treated better when it comes to shipping?

NewMonday1731d ago

I pry the ones coming to the ME&NA are from Japan, would make it worth the wait.

TheFallenAngel1731d ago

Yea I bought mine from GameStop too and no problems


Back in BGS Sony's conference (October 25th if memory serves me right) Mark Stanley said there was only one assembling plant for PS4 in the whole world, that it wasn't easy to get another factory or update a PS3 factory to make PS4s (it was being stressed because of PS4 high price here, which was a reflect of importation and many people were complaining that they already have a PS3 factory in Brazil).

So as far as I know Foxconn is the only one assembling PS4s in the world yet, unless they had came up with another assembling location in less than a month (perfectly possible if they were already working towards that before, but I don't see any source saying that).

Not that I'm worried anyway (Brazil will be receiving consoles in the 29th too) I see enough feedback from people with chinese PS4s to know it won't necessarily be an issue beyond the normal launch problems.

cleft51731d ago

I hope this is a sign that Sony is moving away from Foxconn altogether because that company is just evil. Consumers should just be excited to play their PS4, instead they have to think about the crap that Foxconn is putting workers through.

PLASTICA-MAN1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Wow such an oppurtunity allways come once in a dacade. My PS2 (first model) was made in Japan and still living, my PS VIta made in China got the game cartidirge almost falling apart after the second use. After the sabotage in China and the bricking PS4 ones , Sony decided to take care of the matter and make the console itself. I thnik the next wave of consoles will go back to china after they settle down the problem or find a new factory until then I have to profit and get the best PS4 version so far. I have to not miss it. I hope the info is true.

Edit: I noticed something I know many languages and one of them is french: it is written Fabrique "en" Japon. In french we say Fabrique "au" Japon. This is a very common mistake made by chinese manufacturers to lure people into thinking it was made in Japan because they don't know the language. It is very common in maaaaaany products. My PS2 was correct fabriqué AU Japon and so authentic. I think this is just sticker swapping and invloving the eterrnal mistake fabriqué "en" or "à" Japon instead of Fabriqué "AU" Japon. This word only shows the common counterfeiting of chinese manufacturers luring people into thinking it was a japanese product. Trust me I am not trolling or attacking anyone but that's sad truth and it has to be noted. Like I said I think this is false and it is just a stupid counterfeiting sticker switching. I hdon't think it was made by Sony, but by a random suer or the not reliable Fxconn.

Destrania1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

I got mine from Amazon and it's perfectly fine. The consoles with hardware issues only amount to around 1%.

MazzingerZ1731d ago

Many have pointed out that PS4 was poorly packed and were surprised it survived transportation...could that be a cause?

wynams1731d ago

Another "purchased at midnight at Gamestop, 0 issues" here

Lboogieskells1731d ago

I got my PS4 from Amazon and have beat it to shit with Killzone Multiplayer, no problems.
Works like a charm :)

minimur121730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Where is foxconn based? China or Japan, or both?
See in this photo (stolen from VIDGAMER below)
it says 'FOX' next to made in China, whereas where the made in japan, it says 'SKZ' next to it :p

PM me, I probably wont ever check back here xD

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VIDGMER1731d ago

My PS4 was made in JUNKIE CHINA... GRRRRR.....

However I purchased PS4 from Bestbuy in person and it running AS charm! =op

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