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Forza 5 microtransaction price list

See how much it will cost you to buy more tokens in Xbox One’s racer. (Forza Motorsport 5, Xbox One)

WeaseL  +   550d ago
80 * 100 Tokens @ £0.79 = £63.20
or you could buy
5000 Tokens + 3000 free – £64.99

?????? MS maths
Fixay  +   550d ago
Now that's what you call value for money ;)
Chrono  +   550d ago
You think those who buy microtransactions are more intelligent?
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RyuCloudStrife   550d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
MatrixxGT  +   550d ago
So much for playing and unlocking cars the old fashioned way. Now we can all be elite if you have fat wallets.
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Fixay  +   550d ago
Those days are over friend!
VENOMACR1227  +   550d ago
A lot of games have this. For Gears of War, you could buy skins for your gun. Madden you could speed up how quickly a player gets better. BF you could buy/unlock all the guns.

I don't blame companies for doing this. If someone wants to take the easy way and buy all their equipment, let them. If some want to get 1,000 kills to unlock a laser sight, good for you.

The nice thing with DLC, you don't have to buy it.
Drekken  +   550d ago
It is always nice knowing you bought a game at full price but the company you bought it from still wants to nickel and dime you.

Microtransactions are only welcome if it is a free to play games and it is not play to win. This is a full price game with pay to win. WTF... in what world is this acceptable? Shame on anyone who pays for these extras.
reaper24  +   550d ago
If this is what defines next gen, I am not that excited any more. Let's hope sony doesnt buy into that too.
metalgod88  +   550d ago
This may just be a Turn 10 thing as they're the ones who developed it. Either way, it's just a way to take advantage of the casual players or the people who want fast cars but don't have time to earn them.

It's always sad to see this kind of stuff in games like this. Gran Turismo is doing something similar in their next title as well.

I can understand the fact that you want to buy cars with actual money to save time, but isn't the whole point of Forza and GT to race with a mediocre car, earn money, improve driving skills(get used to the physics), save up for a new car and then buy it? I thought that's what the point was anyways...
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PixelNinja  +   550d ago
Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
Zichu  +   550d ago
GT6 also has microtransactions. There was an article about it yesterday i think.
MidnytRain  +   550d ago
Pretty sure everyone's trying to jump on this help train. It's disgusting, and the people who are defending MTs are making it worse.
metalgod88  +   550d ago
Play the game and you'll actually earn the money you need to buy the cars. I know, crazy, right?
Naga  +   550d ago
This. I think a lot of people are somehow missing the fact that these tokens are paid shortcuts to in-game credits.

This is not like a free-to-play scheme where paying additional money is the only way to obtain access to in-game content.
Drekken  +   550d ago
But it still gives the advantage to the guy with deep pockets, which makes it pay to win.
Naga  +   550d ago
That's fair, and I don't really care for that either. In a way it's rewarding laziness.

But by the same token - no pun intended - there are a lot of people out there who live busy lifestyles and thus don't have the time to grind through a game. Having this option can make the difference between enjoying a game and not playing at all in that case.
AlphaBlackWolf96  +   550d ago
Okay, first comment, here we go. First of all, I'd like to say hello. Second, these microtransaction prices are ridiculous. Even though I'm (eventually) getting an Xbox One, and am a long time Forza fan, this is absolutely unacceptable. I wish they'd go back to the 4/horizon price system. You could buy the same amount of coins for $10.00, and they'd last the whole game.
metalgod88  +   550d ago
Hello and welcome! Hope you enjoy your stay. Anyhoo, I don't like the fact that you have the option to buy tokens or coins or whatever to buy cars in the game, but at least that was a reasonable price. Now it seems as though they want to charge much more because the cars are higher quality and there are less of them to purchase.

Wether the price is worth it is really up to the person, but to me, it feels like I'm being robbed. The game is already $60. Another ~$70 to buy a ton of tokens to buy cars with... That's not for me.
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AlphaBlackWolf1  +   550d ago
Is it normal to be banned after one comment? I'm an unbiased person and love both systems. I don't understand how I just got banned? Help me, somebody. I don't want to get banned again. I love this site.
FunAndGun  +   550d ago
Welcome to N4G. Come for the news, stay for the comments! :)
metalgod88  +   550d ago
Not really sure why you got banned. I thought your comment was pretty clean and straight forward. I guess someone just hates newcomers or something =P Maybe it was a mistake.
AlphaBlackWolf96  +   550d ago
Must've been a glitch, or a moderator saw something was wrong, because now I'm unbanned again. :P
Naga  +   550d ago
Same thing happened to me twice when I first joined. They told me the ban-bot can get a little trigger-happy.
Dezmond  +   550d ago
I buy cars in credits, not tokens
amuadiv  +   550d ago
I guess the days of cheat codes are dying and replaced with a pay scheme
toddybad  +   550d ago
This sort of thing is a p*** take. Maybe if the game cost a tenner but not at full price. Rip off.
NateCole  +   550d ago
Pay for shortcuts?. Lol!
richierich  +   550d ago
As if videogames weren't expensive enough not only do we have to pay for multiplayer also but now microtransactions for ingame items. M$ keep finding ways to extract money from their loyal fans. What will we have to pay for next
metalgod88  +   550d ago
I'm kind of surprised they aren't charging us for the in-game manuals yet. =P
richierich  +   550d ago
I hope it wont come to that:)
morphx3me  +   550d ago
Turn 10 gimps the game and releases the rest of dlc for the same price as the game.

People need to vote with their wallets rather than whine about this sort of dlc and buy it anyway.
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Naga  +   550d ago
This isn't DLC, homie. This is an article about using real-world money to buy in-game credits/tokens.

The DLC / Forza Pass is an entirely different issue.
baodeus  +   550d ago
Well there go jobs for people who love to play games for other people and get paid for items, upgrades, or. Characters like in ever quest for example. :(

Where is the fun in that?

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