PlayStation Wireless Headset Support for PS4 Coming Early 2014

GXC: "While the [PS4] does come with a mono wired headset, to the dismay of many individuals, bluetooth and USB wireless headsets are not supported by the PlayStation 4 at this time. However, PlayStation has promised that the support is coming, and now we have a better idea of when."

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ANIALATOR1361768d ago

along with custom soundtracks I hope

xHeavYx1768d ago

Everytime I read an "I want it now" I think about this video at the 28 second mark

WorldGamer1768d ago

Lol. That is classic. The internets provide hours of good, clean fun..... minus the porn.

willie321768d ago

I have had issues with my PX5 head set. Turtlebeach has a Ps4 wire for most sets that will allow for sound and chat. The wire was only $6.99 and it works perfect.

MasterCornholio1768d ago

Im going to buy jabras for this.

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The story is too old to be commented.