Ubisoft Rewards Assassin's Creed 4 Customers Over Pre-Order Mishap

"Ubisoft is automatically upgrading Assassin's Creed 4 versions to Digital Deluxe versions over a pre-order mishap."

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ZBlacktt1733d ago

Awesome news, by far the best game launch Next Gen. I'm in it all day everyday.

svoulis1733d ago

This game blew me away. I didn't start it until last night ( had to beat Killzone first :D) and wow, it looks better then any videos I've seen on the internet the new AA technique works so well you see no jaggies.

Glad I got it, and so far its fun too :D thank Ubisoft. Still can't wait for Watchdogs!

AlexanderNevermind1733d ago

Yeah I'm going to start it tonight as well. I've been getting my FPS on w/Killzone and COD and since BF4 is broken I'm going to get into ACIV.

1733d ago
jonj1251733d ago

I'm have a problem like this but on my ps3. Ive downloaded the black island pack, the Edward the legend pack and the pirates bounty pack, but it will not work. It downloads but it wont activate in the game. It re-downloads every time i re-activate the code. Ive tried the psn and the in-game store. Nothing seems to work. Does anybody have any idea what to do?