GTA 5 1.06 Patch Sucks (10 Reasons Why)

10 reasons why the GTA 1.06 Title update has made the game less enjoyable.

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ZBlacktt1641d ago

Been saying it for awhile now. At least the money car resell glitch works.

AliTheSnake11641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

GTA Online Sucks by itself. GTA 4 multiplayer free roam system was soo much funner.

ZBlacktt1641d ago

I was so turned out from GTAIV main game I never tried the online.

On GTAV it was much better since the game went back to it's roots more. Almost level 80 on the online. But I'm over here on the PS4 now. Will go back from time to time and mess around. Still go friends playing on it I see daily on my friends list.

xHeavYx1640d ago

They "fixed" that glitch, you can sell cars as long as they are $50k or cheaper

Einhert1640d ago

have they turned off the auto aim in MP? that was my biggest turn off for the online.

Shadonic1640d ago

Nope I'm still getting one shotted by a pistol while in a helicopter from far away. Should of maid the aiming like max payne 3 while in Combat instead of that hard lock BS.

Einhert1640d ago

Really that is such terrible MP game design, glad I stopped playing it now

shakar2521640d ago

You turn it off yourself & it will send u to a different lobby where nobody has soft lock on

Robdeagle1640d ago

@^^ thanks for the tip, I never knew that and the reason I never turned it off was because I felt like I would be at a huge disadvantage. I'm gonna have to check it out now. Thanks

Shadonic1639d ago

A Shaker Didnt know that either thought that was only on Max Payne 3

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gigoran1640d ago

Lots of claims in there and nothing to back them up. No official statements to support him. So all it is a an internet troll that hates a game and wants the world to know about it.

If you want to complain about the reduced awards and delay of stock market and heists, just think "what has done and is doing that?" Could it be... the glitchers and hackers exploiting their way to wealth? Oh, so the fact is it is your fault? Wow. Good job!

MysticStrummer1640d ago

"Could it be... the glitchers and hackers exploiting their way to wealth? Oh, so the fact is it is your fault? Wow. Good job!"

Horrible reasoning.

rdgneoz31640d ago

Yep, punishing the people that try to play legit so that they're now forced to glitch if they don't want to spend insane amounts of time to get anything now.

gigoran1640d ago

Horrible reasoning when it's dead on accurate? Try writing a complaint to rockstar and asking them why this is happening. Then come back here and edit your comment.

MysticStrummer1640d ago

Why would I edit my comment? I'm not clear whether the line I commented on was your reasoning or Rockstar's or someone else's, but it doesn't matter. It's still horrible reasoning.

Lowering payouts doesn't do anything but punish those who play legit, because the glitchers will still get more money. That's my point. I hate it when games that have unlockable online rewards, particularly weapons and body armor, gimp the money or XP payouts. That just punishes people who didn't buy the game on day one and play it obsessively.

gigoran1640d ago

which part of "hackers and glitchers ruining gta online" didn't you understand?

MysticStrummer1640d ago

"which part of "hackers and glitchers ruining gta online" didn't you understand?"

Did you even read my answer? I don't see any reason to repeat it.

Peace and good gaming to you sir.

gigoran1640d ago

Strange... I was going to ask you the same thing. Not sure how you could not have understood it the first time.

MysticStrummer1640d ago

I heard they gimped payouts and RP even more. That alone makes me not want to play. I hate it when games with multiplayer unlocks do this.

KumquatGOATBEEF1640d ago

While I agree that nerfing missions is turning me off from enjoying the game more, this article is confusing. First, we've never had heists to begin with. Patch 1.06 sucks because they still haven't introduced them, yet, and it looks like we'll never get them.

Second, saying that a patch sucks because of clothing options is pretty extreme. I would say that the clothing options don't add much to the patch, but the patch doesn't suck because of that.

My biggest gripe is that matchmaking is very poor and it's hard for my friends and I to enjoy a LTS or job because no one ever joins our games. Free roam is only so much fun after awhile then we get bored.

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