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The Xbox One Web Store Is Live

Get ready to buy your Xbox One digital goodies, the web store is now online. (Xbox One)

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Fizzgig  +   734d ago
Awesome, I can buy my 3/10 games online!
BabyTownFrolics  +   734d ago
you are whats wrong with this site

just purchased KI


fizzgig your mr. ! you calm down
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Fizzgig  +   734d ago
It was a joke, calm down!
nukeitall  +   734d ago
I think MS offering has the highest average rating among recent console launches.
mrmarx  +   734d ago
all that dlc
mrmarx   734d ago | Trolling | show
WeAreLegion  +   734d ago | Helpful
Sweet. Enjoy, Xbox fans!
NewWhiteFeather  +   734d ago
That's a very nice thing for you to say, especially considering the site we're on. Bubble up to you, good sir.
WeAreLegion  +   734d ago
Bubble to you, also!
vallencer  +   734d ago
Bubbles for everyone!!! But for real way to be respectful. Wish everyone was like that.
NewWhiteFeather  +   730d ago
I don't know why there are disagrees in this string of happiness.
xSHADOWx   734d ago | Trolling | show
bacrec1  +   734d ago
Guess i can skip the one on the right.

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