New Games Drive Quarterly Sales Up 43% To $2.11 Billion, Net Profit To $68.6 Million

New games, hardware push retailer’s quarterly sales up 43% to $2.11 billion, net profit to $68.6 million. The new generation consoles are making new records on the market. New games, hardware etc make sales in big numbers.

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Cuzzo631700d ago

No thanks to the WiiU... I remember all the mario fannies talking down on the ps4 and xb1. Sales wise, looks like the people have spoken. Im not downing the WiiU by the way. Xb1 fans, enjoy ur day of release.

R00bot1700d ago

If you're not downing the Wii U then why did you feel the need to bring it up?

Cuzzo631700d ago

I might jus buy one to help with sales. God knows they need em

Ashunderfire861700d ago

I have a working PS4(lucky one), but you got to admit the Wii U is the only next gen console with little to no hardware failure rate compared to PS4 and X1. Just look at the complains for both.

Man does Nintendo have something to talk about! They can win people over in a conversation.

Cuzzo631700d ago

That is a non factor. Did the Nes or super have many hardwarde problems. Nope. Its Nintendo for christs sakes. I would expect to have more problems out of a dvd player than a vhs.

ELpork1700d ago

I'm sure game stop cutting a large amount of it's employees, and store hours, has nothing to do with their current upswing... nothing at all...