Fallout 4 To Be Set Near White House, Here’s Why (Prediction)

Supposed Fallout 4 teaser website Survive2299 has changed their Morse code to “Oscar Zulu”. This is pointing to the Signal Oscar Zulu in the Fallout 3 game which is located in the DC wasteland!

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SITH1617d ago

Anything fallout is so exciting! Can't wait to get back into the wasteland.

solidt121617d ago

yep, Capital Wasteland here I come. I enjoyed it way more than Vegas.

AlexanderNevermind1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

As a Native Washingtonian I hope they have some more of the DC landmarks in there and not just the Capitol Hill

Give me the Big Chair and Shrimp Boat locations...I'll even take the National Zoo with some 'off the wall' radioactive animal types.

Make it happen Bethesda!!!


If they choose another location that's fine of course. If its in DC again then I just want them to open the area a lot more. I would not be surprised If its DC again as they are Bethesda after all..

Crazay1617d ago (Edited 1617d ago )

They did this already with Fallout 3. I want to see a different location. LA or New York preferably.


Fallout has been to So-Cal, Washington, Maryland, Virginia, Vegas, Alaska and Texas. TIme to see something different now.

Places like Louisiana actually makes a great deal of sense to me come to think of it.

SolidStoner1617d ago

Fallout in California would be my choice..

I just want more Deserts, lonesome roads, lone houses, lakes, rivers.. anything USA has to offer..

I just love how fallout makes everything deserted, all those sings left from people, music also is epic..

cant wait to try it out on next gen...

ATiElite1617d ago

I think fallout 4 should be set in Detroit Michigan!

Half the city looks like the aftermath of a Nuclear explosion with whole neighborhoods borded up and abandoned and the drug addicts have mutated into creatures way worse than zombies.

Saints941617d ago

But... It's already like that. Just visit the place. ;)

AHall881617d ago

Detroit being in Fallout would be an up ground at this point, minus Greektown, I like Greektown.

Rockefellow1617d ago

This isn't a rumor, it's your own conjecture. It doesn't belong under the "News" category, as much as we are all awaiting Fallout 4.

WeAreLegion1617d ago

Please don't. Washington DC is cool, but there are SO MANY better places for a post-apocalyptic setting.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx1617d ago

Agreed. I'm currently replaying Fallout New Vegas, every time I hear one of the NCR guys say "Patroling the mojave almost makes you wish for a Nuclear Winter" it makes me really want the next Fallout to be set in somewhere cold & snowy (especially after how friggin awesome Skyrim looked & felt). We had the overcast weathers in F3 and the hot bright & sunny in F:NV plz give us a chilly experience next!! >_<

Either way it's safe to say I'll be there day 1. Bring it on Bethesda. We're more than ready.

OhhWerd1617d ago

man we already got washington before, find a new location!

Crazay1617d ago

I agree. LA or New York would be my pick...Maybe Chicago.

XboxFun1617d ago

I love Fallout, just love it, but Washington DC?

I was really hoping for LA or better San Francisco. So many landmarks and interesting stories with the Brotherhood of Steel if they placed it out this way.

Just hurry and give us some info on the game and i'll be overly happy.

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The story is too old to be commented.