Fallout 4 Hype Train Accelerates, Sick Child From FO3 To Take Lead?

It looks like Fallout 4 could be a direct continuation of FO3 with the kid growing up.

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Unreal011767d ago

I LOVED Fallout 3, easily in my top 5 of this past gen. Let's hope this is true, and they can replicated the awesomeness that game was.

Grap1767d ago

i loved the opening in FO3 i want to see it again.

Indo1767d ago

War...War Never Changes

Kydawg1767d ago

아픈 아이가 건강한 아이보다 더 식욕을 돋!!!

boeso1767d ago


Can't wait to have this pup on my PS4. Dat draw distance. Dat map size. Dat repeater.

ltachiUchiha1767d ago

I never played Fallout 1 or 2 but I loved 3 & New Vegas. U know this series is awesome when it has the most bugs & glitches & freezes on u alot & yet u play it anyways. Ive always loved open world games but Fallout 3 & New Vegas were just so awesome. Fallout 3 was actually the game that made me finally stop playing COD on my ps3 & 360. I was a COD Freak because all my friends played it but after popping in Fallout 3 & playing it, i was completely hooked & didnt even bother playing Modern Warfare 2 anymore. I cant wait to play a new Fallout game. Easily one of my most anticipated games for Next Gen. Hope its less buggier with these new Next Gen systems. Cant wait. Miss hearing three dog on the radio while doing missions.

uncharted561766d ago

I just hope they have a better testing team this time around as so many glitches and bugs made it to the final version of the game. Gaming industry seems to be following this new standard where to deliver the product on time they have started shipping unfinished products and then patch them later on. Which imo is really bad model. I am glad that Sony doesn't do that with its first party studios. Still really excited for a new Fallout game.

leemo191767d ago

I can't wait, as long as Bethesda takes their time for a change, and doesn't release another fun but broken game filled with glitches and bugs.

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The story is too old to be commented.