UK: Mario Mega Bundle Announced, NSMB U, NSLU, and Super Mario 3D World for £299.99

UK Nintendo fans can pick up a fantastic deal this month on the Wii U. Nintendo will be selling a ‘Mario Mega Bundle’ for £299.99. The bundle games with a premium 32GB Wii U, New Super Mario Bros U, New Super Luigi U, Super Mario 3D World, a red Mario themed Wii Remote Plus, and Mario Hat.

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Neonridr1704d ago

Wow, now that is a bundle worth getting!

I think the US should do this for $349.99

-Foxtrot1704d ago

You would think they would of had the console in red for this

link2Dpast1704d ago

lol yea right, that would definitely boost sales

-Foxtrot1704d ago

Sales or not it would look pretty nice

Concertoine1704d ago

I thought they were going to make this:

Anyway this is a fantastic deal, seriously. 3 games... 1 brand new and for 299? Thats a damn steal.

Jay70sgamer1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Wow that is gonna sell like crazy I would get one if I was in the UK ...Damn 3 games in one bundle for 300 dollars ...damn I'm jealous I wish I could trade my wii u for that bundle ... If they bring that to the USA this would sell out easily ...this would sell crazy numbers

triforce791704d ago

Wow this is the best bargain ive ever seen....ps4 and xbox1 are not going to compete with this not a chance possibly GOTY and 2 other mario games wow wow wow...

mcstorm1704d ago

I agree it is is a great deal but it will only have a chance of competing with the one and ps4 if Nintendo advise the hell out of the Wiiu and this bundle. I have had my Wiiu for 12 months ish now and not regretted one bit in buying it and I do think its a very underrated console but Nintendo need to do mote to get it in peoples homes.

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The story is too old to be commented.