Polygon Exposed

Jeremy Conrad writes : "So yesterday’s little Twitter kerfluffle between Polygon’s Editor and Chief and myself pretty much exploded. A lot of people have complained about me calling the guy a liar, however someone edited together an awesome Youtube video containing the actual comments by Polygon spliced with ownage in the form of a video showing Xbox One and PS4 voice commands as well as my video of the remote with the PS4. When viewed in context you can see that they were willfully lying about one console to help the other. The video will be embedded at the end of this article."

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Bio_Mod1767d ago

Good article, money talks apparently.

Vojkan1767d ago

I hate Polygon more then any other site ever. I tend to not care about scores, but they are really crossing the line, with lies.
If I was Sony I would black list them.

Do me a favore go and twit ask @yosp why are they letting this shit go free.

forcefullpower1767d ago

Cresend in the video could even tell he was talking shit. Yet didn't say anything.

PoSTedUP1767d ago

**** polygon. props to this guy/these guys for calling them out on their BS.

johndoe112111767d ago

$100 says that none of the other gaming sites pick up this article and call out polygon on their BS.

Ramuh1767d ago

Didn't know about all that.

sigfredod1767d ago

Luckily i was smart enough to not give that site any hits, just by reading their headlines i knew what kind of site is

ThatCanadianGuy5141767d ago

Wooooowwww with that video tho.What a smarmy S.O.B.SO absolutely full of himself.

No wonder polysoft is such a joke.

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The story is too old to be commented.