PS4 – The 7 Features You Won’t Be Able To Live Without..

With the EU release of the Playstation 4 only eight days away, it is definitely time for gamers to get excited. After the mixed critical reception to the launch games however, [Expansive are] sure many people’s enthusiasm is waning – but luckily, there is much more to the PS4 than just its games. Here are the PS4′s most exciting features, and how together they will change the way you game - forever.

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bequietdrive1670d ago

Comes out on the 29th in the UK, that makes it 8 days.

stavrami-mk21670d ago

7 days to long as far as I'm concerned ;-/

forcefullpower1670d ago

Man, Tell me about it I was a bit pissed that they did a different release date for Europe. Can't believe the sodding xbox is releasing here first.

Gore-Content1670d ago

I swear, Imma freeze myself until the 29th, like Cartmann, lol.

Livecustoms1670d ago

I cant take it any longer lol I WANT IT KNOWWW

solidsheep1670d ago

I like the feature that lets me play Naughty Dog games :p

bequietdrive1670d ago

After The Last Of Us I can't disagree..

Raf1k11670d ago

Sounds like The Last of Us was your first Naughty Dog game. Do yourself a favor and pick up the Uncharted games. You won't regret it.

bequietdrive1670d ago

I played Uncharted 2 and 3 as well as the crash games. Was pretty disappointed with 2, but The Last Of Us more than made up for it.

bequietdrive1670d ago

3 even, 2 was pretty good! Haha