Xbox One teardown reveals replaceable hard drive, off-the-shelf parts

While you're inside the Xbox One, you may also notice the amount of easy to replace, standard hardware. It's true: 64 mm Torx screws hold the Xbox One's internals together and a SATA data connector pairs the Blu-ray/DVD drive to the motherboard.

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ELpork1577d ago

Glad to hear Msoft doing something cool with HDD's for once.

VoiceMale1577d ago

Yea sounds cool to me alright

ZodTheRipper1577d ago

Except that it's not confirmed to work in the end. And don't forget that you'll lose your warranty if you do it.

inveni01577d ago

Yeah, you'd have to have a way to transfer the OS from the original drive to the new one (if that's where it's stored, that is). I would imagine it doesn't work to swap. More likely, Microsoft made it easy to replace at their repair/replace facility in case of failure.

P0werVR1577d ago

Not confirmed. But boy did they make the Xbox One really accessible. No adhesive warranty on the box it'self except for the HDD....hmmmm, pretty interesting.

Oner1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

LMFAO! For a long time there were a couple of people here on N4G talking all this BS about how the PS4 was/is built with off the shelf parts and yet Engadget here specifically states that about the XB1 but NOT about the PS4.

Where you at now?

frostypants1577d ago

@Oner, you don't know what you're talking about. The issue is actually being able to replace the drive and make it work.

UltimateMaster1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Nah, it won't work.
It's just like the Xbox 360, the first models you can't upgrade the HDD, then later down the road they'll give you the capacity, but you'll need to buy their overpriced models of HDDs.

Only Microsoft can format the HDDs and if you open your Xbox One you automatically void your warranty.

Anon19741577d ago

The warranty question was my main concern reading this if it actually worked.

darthv721577d ago

So what is that extra 8GB of NAND flash memory for?

Sarcasm1577d ago

I'm going to make an estimate that the system costs around $240 to build. Cheap components everywhere. Ugh.

scott1821577d ago

This makes me love how easily you can swap HDD's on the ps4, no hassle.

Delive1577d ago

Does this mean ms has no plans to increase the hdd storage in the system (like the 360 with the replacement drives), but instead opting for allowing you to increase storage by way of external drives only? If so, thats good that you will not have to overpay for disk space. Not sure which take is better. External usb or replaceable internal disk?

CarlosX3601576d ago

"Off the shelf parts" sounds like they're back to where they started: Original Xbox, it's like they never learned from the original Xbox in the first place!

BBBirdistheWord1576d ago (Edited 1576d ago )

omg @ oner

wtf dude. They are talking about user replaceable standard hdd, torx screws and sataII adapter that are off the shelf.

I didn't see anything at all in the story about off the shelf APU, audio or gpgpu, which is what was correctly pointed out about the ps4 components.

Can't believe you made a big deal out of standard torx screws.

Do try to relax.

SilentNegotiator1576d ago

And all you have to do is simply void the warranty. "Cool" indeed.


At least they can replace a broken one easily.

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Eonjay1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Has anyone actually tried to replace the drive. Is there some sort of encryption on the internal HDD that makes it compatible with Xbox. There is a reason why they insist that its non removable - even though it is removable.

It seems that you have to pry the system open and locate the drive underneath other components, including a WiFi antennae. This may make it difficult to access the drive and inexperienced modders may incur damage to their systems; thus Microsoft saw fit to void the warranty.

kneon1577d ago

It may look like a standard HDD but for all we know it may have modified firmware to prevent people from plugging in just any old hard drive.

Even if you are willing to void your warranty I'd wait until some other sucker tries it first and proves whether you can upgrade the drive.

bligmerk1577d ago

Microsoft already said during the Wired teardown that the hard drive is not consumer replaceable. They require the unit be returned for any hard drive repair and it isn't designed to be replaced with any generic hard drive. It's going to be encrypted. Notice the connector is not a simple SATA connector, it is a module. Something going on in that.

FITgamer1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I'm sure they have some kind of encryption to prevent swapping the internal HDD. Knowing Microsoft the only supported external HDD will be Xbox One branded at ridiculously inflated prices.

Alsybub1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

If it's anything like the 360 then you would need to get a model of drive that has been used in a One and then install the firmware cloned from one of these drives.

So, if you wanted a 1TB drive a 1TB One would need to already exist in order to clone the firmware, partitioning and formatting.

That is precisely what I did to get a 120GB drive for my 20GB launch 360. While I could have purchased an official drive I much preferred spending a quarter of the price on a drive I already knew was used in the official drive housing.

malokevi1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

I wouldn't replace it until someone else tried. Even then, I PERSONALLY wouldn't replace it, anyways. I'm just going to go the external HDD route.

I used to mod my original Xbox, and you could get banned if you logged into Xbox Live with modded hardware. You can be sure that MS has protocols in place to ensure that the stock hardware remains untouched.

Though, modders always find a way around these things. Only a matter of time!

nukeitall1577d ago


MS already stated that any external hard drive will work via USB.

Hozi1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

That is very stupid, don't you think? Why would M$ LIMIT the amount of storage we can hold when all next gen games are huge and will fill up 300GB, 500GB with the help of media?(movies) in no time

Here are the launch games' install sizes:

Angry Birds Star Wars: 1.81 GB
Assassin’s Creed 4: 20.25GB
Battlefield 4: 33.66GB
Battlefield 4 Premium: 8.18MB
Call of Duty: Ghosts: 39.5GB
Crimson Dragon: 6.88GB –
Dead Rising 3: 19.9GB
Dead Rising 3: Day One Premium Edition: no size
FIFA 14: 8.7GB
Fighter Within: 9.22 GB
Forza 5: 31.76 GB
Just Dance 2014: 22.97GB
Killer Instinct: 3.25GB
Killer Instinct Ultra Edition: 3.25GB + 7.51MB
Kinect Sports Rivals Preseason: 3.09GB
Lego Marvel Super Heroes: 6.48GB
LocoCyle: 13.17GB
Madden NFL 25: 12.51GB
NBA 2K14: 43.14GB
NBA Live 14: 9GB
Need for Speed: Rivals: 15.35GB
Powerstar Golf: 3.92GB
Ryse: 34.94GB
Skylanders Swap Force: 15.72GB
Xbox Fitness: 252.13MB
Zoo Tycoon: 2.62 GB
Zumba Fitness World Party: 24.14GB

esemce1577d ago

The Xbone probably still uses a hard drive with the fatx format and unique firmware.

Yes the HDD is just a standard SATA hardrive but it has been modified by MS and will not work in a PC nor a PC drive work in the Xbone (without modifiying/hacking).

Not only will you void your warranty but you could risk getting your console banned.

I had one of my 360's banned from live when my DVD drive died and before I replaced it I played on live without it plugged in to the motherboard. I guess MS assumed It was something to do with piracy anyway it gave a error code and was flagged by ms and banned.

You have been warned.

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nypifisel1577d ago

Huh? Seems like a hassle to replace it and you void your warranty, easier on my PC.

Killa781577d ago

If you buy a pre-built pc, changing the internals voids your warranty anyway.

But still, easier to change on pc even though I don't understand why it's a valid comparison.

1577d ago
Soldierone1577d ago

@killa, not if your are certified to work on computers :P

nypifisel1576d ago

It's a valid comparison cause one of the main points of consoles (apparently) is the ease of use. I'm a PC guy and don't really get that having build PCs since the 90s but ye. So it's very much valid.

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jacksons981577d ago

Cool until they find out you changed it and ban your console.

assdan1577d ago

How is it cool that a very simple (and cheap) addition would have made the drive removable, but they chose not to do it?

RjK311jR1577d ago

Most likely phase 2 xbox 1's probably will have replaceable drives hell we'd rebut the new system too and they know it... Give it a lil time like 1.5 yrs new thinner, standing, and maybe just maybe $50 price cut

assdan1576d ago

Yeah, and that makes me more mad. It would be a ploy to get people to rebuy something they already own.

SL1M DADDY1577d ago

Cool how? That they used off the shelf items or that they put the HDD in a place that you would have to void your warranty out and remove internals to get to it? Do they have a program built into the console so that you can swap out the drive without losing any of the OS or data saved from your games? Doesn't sound that cool if you ask me...

NeloAnjelo1577d ago

Not recommend by MS though... And prob voids your warranty, unlike the competition.

ziggurcat1577d ago

@ ELpork:

not sure how "cool" it is to have a normal, readily available HDD installed in the console, and not be allowed to upgrade it if you wanted unless you really wanted to void your warranty.

ELpork1577d ago

RIGHT! Forgot, I can't be even remotely positive on this site.

FamilyGuy1577d ago

It sounds cheap actually, off the shelf parts = them paying a really low price from buying in bulk. This tells me 2 things:
1. You can service your own X1 if it's faulty, that's kinda cool.
2. The X1 is even more overpriced than originally assumed.

Godmars2901577d ago

Did you miss the part where you have to break warranty to switch out the HDD?

tagan8tr1576d ago

@oner that was awesome bubble up sir..

trancefreak1576d ago

I wonder if a noctua fan would fit in there. I don't know the dimensions but it looks like a 90mm to 120mm CPU-GPU heatsink fan.

Would be nice if it is easy to clone the original drive and swap it with a larger or faster drive.

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AlexanderNevermind1577d ago

Is there anyone willing to void the warranty and swap out the hdd?

GentlemenRUs1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

That's the catch!

E.G. Buy our OFFICIAL HDD's or face voiding the warranty! *evil laughs followed by middle finger*

Mr-Dude1577d ago

Yeah, that was my question also... The X1 has no slide like the PS4, so you have to open it up, wich will void the warrenty...

forcefullpower1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

Thats even if you are able to change the drive at all. As you may not be able replicate the drive or reinstall the firmware as its tied to the HDD serial number which I wouldn't be surprised.

Killa781577d ago

Wouldn't every xbox need to be opened to change the HDD regardless of whether you purchased it from Microsoft or not?

GentlemenRUs1577d ago

Guess they make you use one of the USB slots for an Official HDD.

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Belking1577d ago

lol..i would hardly call that a tear down.

rdgneoz31577d ago

It's like a preview of a review. They're dissecting the system right now, but wanting to bring a few interesting notes to people's attention.

gazgriff2k121577d ago

OFF THE SHELF LOL (build ya own xbone)

ELCUCO1577d ago

That's definitely voiding warranty

BG115791577d ago

As they say, change the hdd at your own risk.