PS4 Launch Impressions | It Might Be #4TheGamers, But Where Are The Games?

Dealspwn: "Next-gen is here, as you'll no doubt know having watched our magnificent PS4 unboxing video. So we all sat down to have a little chat about our thoughts on each of the big three consoles that'll be adorning the shelves this Christmas, and deliver our thoughts as consumers and critics on the major platforms up for grabs.

First up, it's the PS4."

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allformats1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

Let's see:

Killzone Shadow Fall




Blacklight: Retribution

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Battlefield 4

NBA Live 2014


Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag

Need For Speed -- All launch titles, and there's more...

Stick891762d ago


Super Motherload


...bad article is bad

Belking1762d ago

Flower? You know things are bad when you have to start naming off last gen games. Ps4 lack of games is a result of sony concentrating too much on ps3 at the end of the console cycle.

WeAreLegion1762d ago

You're picking up a couple last gen games at midnight tonight, aren't you?

georgeenoob1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )


Well I'm sure PS4 has games but where are the real games, not indies or arcade titles. It's like people spend $400 on a next-gen console but are left playing with multiplatforms and arcade games.

GuruMeditation1762d ago

Ooh, Belking and Georgeenoob in one set of replies. The concept of a coherent argument is so alien to you guys that if you ever did have a valid or original thought, the shock would surely kill you.

OT so ps4 has no games now? it's got a few decent titles with plenty more to come. Leave the bottom of the barrel alone guys, its red raw!

ABizzel11762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

To be quite honest I don't get the no games thing. There are games for launch, good games. They may be multiplatform, but why would you stick your biggest IP's into a squished window, filled with big franchises like COD, BF4, Assassin's Creed (Which is why Ubisoft moved their games back), and put them out with the system not being 100% optimized for the millions of launch day gamers.

It makes no sense. Also you want to know where the games at, they're on PS3 right now, because instead of just dumping support for the PS3 in 2013 they produced games for it. Sony could have dumped the PS3 and had God of War: Ascension, The Last of Us, Beyond: 2 Souls, and GT6 run on the PS4 instead and had the PS4 launch with titles that slayed every other console launch in history, but they decided to let the PS3 go out with a first party bang, and support their consumers for another full 12 months, before moving on, which can't be said for any other platform.

You look at the list of games coming in 2014 for the PS4, and it's a feat never seen in gaming for a console entering it's first year. Usually there's a good assortment of launch games, and then a deadzone for the first few months after that, and with the PS4 line-up that won't be the case for once.

But again this is why I agree with most sites, saying if you can wait then wait. All the kincks will be fixed, more games will be released, consoles will be easier to get ahold of, and there could be a console bundle next holiday with a free game / controller / camera for $399.

Visiblemarc1762d ago

Yeah another article ignoring how good this launch really is. Must be written by 15 year olds with no sense of history. This console launch cycle is easily the strongest.

So fed up of people thinking they're going to make a name for themselves by sharing with us what spoiled brats they are.

Come up with something real to write about.

Boody-Bandit1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

@Belking and georgeenoob

Shouldn't you guys being standing in line anxiously awaiting your cablebox so you two can play the most spectacular game ever made? Ryse

on topic
Just another site looking for hits.
I purchased 9 games at launch and downloaded a few. So far I have only had time to completed 3 SP games, dabbled in a couple others and played online for about 10 hrs on with COD, BF4 and Killzone. Trust me when I say I've been gaming on my PS4 every minute I can spare and I still have 4 sealed games to tear the wrapper off.

By the time I complete all the single player campaigns thoroughly and have given some of the mtheir due online? The 2nd batch of games will coming rolling including Infamous Second Son.

dealspawn was saying what again?

abzdine1762d ago

Uncharted is missing..
amazing list though!


1762d ago
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GarrusVakarian1762d ago

And even more coming in 2014. 2014 is going to be an epic year for games.

GryestOfBluSkies1762d ago

"And even more coming in 2014."


nobody buys a console for just the launch games. i am, however, enjoying my launch games very much.

Blues Cowboy1762d ago

Erm, not entirely sure if you read the article?

"Everyone seems to forget about the third-party titles around launch. For either console, players are going to be throwing their cash at Battlefield 4, COD: Ghosts, FIFA 14 and Assassin’s Creed IV. These games will keep PS4 gamers going until next year when the likes of Infamous: Second Son and DriveClub (PS+ Edition at least) arrive. Add there’s the new Uncharted to look forward too.

The above third-party titles have seen a drop in sales as gamers wait for the next-gen versions, so it looks like plenty of you are going next-gen as soon as possible. I can’t see either console bombing to be honest though, so I wouldn’t be expecting a price-drop by March (or even summer) when the other titles turn up to the party. Some of the older game’s prices may have dropped by then, but can you avoid spoilers for that long?

I’ve been glad to see Sony’s core message always stick to gaming in the build-up. I’m buying a games console after all. Sure, I’ll use LoveFilm or Netflix, but there’s no need to make a song and dance about a last-gen feature every five minutes.

Overall, it’s a no brainer that I’m ordering a PS4. The exclusives work better for me, I’ve always preferred the DualShock controller, PS Plus has been fantastic value so far (Contrast on launch day too) and the money I’m saving over an Xbone will pay for some extra games."

You're totally right, allformats #1, but why not actually read the text?

thehitman1762d ago

The article has a poor point though. Its a LAUNCH console. Do they expect 30 games on day 1? I have 4 games at launch and I havent touched 3 of them yet they are more than enough to get me by until Infamous, The Order, Watchdogs, UC, The Division, and the many other games like Deep Down and f2p online games making their way to PS4.

xPhearR3dx1762d ago

You have to realize many of these articles (which are becoming tiresome at this point) are talking about exclusives. Spending $400-$500 on a gaming console isn't something the majority of gamers (yes that includes casuals) are going to do right away. All of those titles aside from maybe 3-4 can be played on either last-gen systems or PC. So for the majority of people, dropping that kind of cash (not including games) is not worth the price as they can still play those same games elsewhere for much cheaper.

Getting a brand new console on launch has always been for the hardcore gamers. TBH neither MS nor Sony has a huge killer app at launch. Resogun is probably the best PS4 game (IMO, friggin' love that game) but for the random gamer is $400 worth spending just for that game? No. The games will come, as they do with every console after some time. But listing a bunch of multiplatform games isn't helping your argument at all.

dcj05241762d ago

I'm buying the PS4 brcause it's the cheapest and most simple eay to play BF4 with 64 players. I'm buying KNACK for Co-op and Killzone because I've always enjoyed warzones. Do you have a problem with my taste in games?

xPhearR3dx1762d ago


What's your point? Did I specifically mention you? No, I said most gamers including the casuals wont make a jump to next gen at launch when there's so few titles they can't play without dropping tons of cash. Which is what the article is about, not what dcj0524's gaming taste are.

FYI you'll be lucky if you're able to play BF4 with 64 players anytime soon. I've been trying since last week and Conquest is completely broken on PS4.

stavrami-mk21762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

exactly 5 shooters 4 sports . combined 7 of the 12 retail games are exactly them genre's . there's many people that think the launch titles suck ,not everyone wants to play shooters never mind 5

TrueJerseyDevil1762d ago

exactly and there are tons more coming

Silly gameAr1762d ago

I don't know thrust. One of the PS4 indies games is better then almost the whole x1 line up...

fonger081762d ago

Wait what? Strongest launch line up in history? Seriously? The Wii U beat it out (metacritic). Let's face it, most people could easily skipped out on the launch of either system and picked up a BF4 or COD or NBA2K for their current gen systems and been fine. I have a PS4, but I'm not about to say this the strongest line-up ever.

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Mr-Dude1762d ago (Edited 1762d ago )

All the websites... It's like staring in the past. The PS3 has no games! The PS4 has no games... And next year, or two years it's BS reviews of all the exclusives games Sony pumps out, even the most original ones.. While the other company get's a pass. (don't get me wrong they make good games!)

It's just history repeating itself all over again, like a timeloop

dcj05241762d ago

Seems like people like to do that to any new platform. 2011-2012:OMG 3DS HAS MO GAMES IT SUXZ 2012-mid 2013:OMFG VITA HAS NI GAMES SUCKS!!!! 2012-NOW:LOL THE WII U? NOOOOOO GMAMEZ!!!!
All three of those have games. People particularly called Wolf on 3DS and still to the VITA and both of them have A LOT of games. Wii U is kind of catching up but the next-gen systems sucks all momentum it ever had. Point is people like to cry wolf a lot and say OMG so and so has no games. Ut's a bit ridiculous. If I judged the 3DS by launch games then it would've never broke 2 million. (The VITA had a pretty solid launch but slouched afterwards). For some reason XBOX is immune to this. Even when late in the cycle it was clear the 360 was lacking sime games.Oh well. Doesn't affect anybody.


Nothing appeals to me now. Knack would've but that is apearently no good. I'll wait for KH3 or FFXV

LordMaim1762d ago

Sony has the exclusives in the pipe, don't worry about that.

Let us not forget the fact that all of the multi-platform games look and perform better on the PS4. Exclusives are nice, but there's always going to be be more third-party games. Don't you want the system that does those better as well?

Malice-Flare1762d ago

how about the F2P games, no need for PS+ here: Warframe, DCUO...

LordDhampire1762d ago

If you people haven't gotten black flag yet...its awesome, and I haven't played a assasins creed game since two

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