Why "Next-Gen" is Slightly Underwhelming

Jack talks about why "next-gen" isn't living up to his wild imaginings and whether or not there's hope for the future.

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black0o1700d ago

tell that to 1,000,000+ .. which nvr happened before

Doghead1699d ago

All I want is for the old games to come back. Miss the old days of ps2.
They say competition is good, but what has the competition done. Killed talent in favour of FPS shit.

sAVAge_bEaST1699d ago

Add a Pay For Everything.. business plan..

RandomDude6551699d ago

There's rumors that Media Molecule is working on parappa the rapper..
There's hope my friend....there's hope.

ahmedghoula1699d ago

it's a bit Underwhelming because of the games, that's why if you didn't buy it yet you should wait, next year, on march or April is the ideal time, by then the PS4 will be on the 3rd or 4th wave and any issues will be hushed out.

DragonKnight1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

It just frickin' started. God, this instant gratification B.S. has to end. So many entitled people thinking everything has to hit the ground running and be perfect day one or else it will suck forever.

Give things a chance, geez.

1699d ago
curtis921699d ago

I'm blown away by these articles. I've had a blast with next gen so far. Not saying it's blowing my mind yet, but it's absolutely been the most fun I've had at launch with a system since original xbox. I look at 360 & ps3 launch and they were underwhelming to me. This gen seems way better to me at launch.

GarrusVakarian1699d ago

Exactly, if we are getting RYSE and Killzone SF at the start, then things are going to get crazy in a few years. I don't understand how anyone can call next gen underwhelming.....its a huge jump from sub 720- sub 30fps last gen.

chronoforce1699d ago

Ryse and Killzone both had rather lukewarm reception,bad examples no?

chronoforce1699d ago (Edited 1699d ago )

Ryse and Killzone both had rather lukewarm reception, they are very bad examples IMO.

Pintheshadows1699d ago

I also think a lot of gamers nowadays that come up with these 'articles' have only really caught the gaming bug this gen so they seemingly forget the launches of the past. Game wise I have to say, for variety this is one of the stronger ones I remember. Certainly more than the PS3 and 360.

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Fluke_Skywalker1699d ago

I think it's more to do with economic climate as well. People want everything for nothing these days and companies are forced to meet their demands. Which leads to lesser products.
Imagine what Sony could have given us if they'd went for a $600 price point again, and sold at a loss? I'm sure our minds would have been blown.
But the sad fact is that neither us or Sony can afford $600 consoles anymore. I know I couldn't and I know Sony certainly couldn't afford to be selling at a loss again, or put as much into r&d for custom chipsets and what not.

I'm happy with what I've seen from next gen so far, but it certainly hasn't blown my mind like the step up from PS2 to PS3.

curtis921699d ago

Also keep in mind, ps2 to ps3 gave us the jump to HD, which is instantly noticeable. No matter how good the graphics are on ps4, it's hard to compete with the jump from SD to HD. Just my opinion anyway.

The_KELRaTH1699d ago

An interesting point regards cost - the typical selling prices of Atari ST's and Amiga's was around £350 to £450, equate that to today and it's over £1000 - or PC games pricing.

Some of the fault though lies with the console manufacturers today as they limit the hardware flexibility and offer no options whatsoever for users to buy more.

The PS3 suffered terribly from memory restriction and although there were quite a few revisions not once did Sony try to resolve this by adding an option for a memory expansion upgrade.

Apple have taken yet another approach - no hardware upgrade option but each hardware revision is more powerful with more memory and it's down to the devs to decide if they want to support the additional features.

Oh and that $600 price point - well in UK the PS4 IS close to that ($565), seems we're subsiding the US.

Fluke_Skywalker1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

Again this kinda supports the whole argument of everyone wanting and expecting everything for nothing these days.
I paid £350 for a launch day original PlayStation back in the day and I didn't think it was over priced!
People need to get their head out the clouds and stop with the entitlement bull crap that seems to exist in today's society. But hey that's a whole new argument about modern parenting and global economics!

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