Check Out the White Xbox One Exclusive to Microsoft Employees Unboxed on Video; it Looks Lovely

Want to feel the thrill only Microsoft employees can feel, and check out the unboxing of the Xbox One limited edition in white? Here it is, in all it's snowy glory.

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Neonridr1763d ago

Pretty sweet looking. Shame they didn't make the Kinect Sensor white to tie it all in together.

Regardless, the controller looks very nice in white.

RAGE911763d ago

I think the reason they kept it black, is that the majority of tv's are black, so the kinect would blend in kind of.

White would also be neat though

UltimateMaster1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

They should have made the Kinect white as well.

Irishguy951763d ago

White Ps4 and X1 are much better looking than their retail models imo. Xbox should stuck with white, just because the 360 was white.

Neonridr1763d ago

white-ish.. It looks much better when it's pure white.

Serjikal_Strike1763d ago

White looks good, but the size of the box stands out much more

DarthJay1763d ago

I want that controller something fierce. Looks awesome. I don't have a need for two controllers but I will definitely snag a variant color when available.

josephayal1763d ago

The most beautiful Console I've ever seen

NYC_Gamer1763d ago

I hope MS brings that color to retail

Abriael1763d ago

Thta's doubtful. They sold one at auction for charity, so if they removed the exclusivity, it'd probably raise PR issues.

Neonridr1763d ago

Well they could still make a White Xbox One, just not having the "I Made This" branding on either the console or the controller.

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The story is too old to be commented.