USA today:Review: ' Ryse Son of Rome' gorgeous yet flawed epic

USA Today:

Like Killzone for the PlayStation 4, Ryse: Son of Rome is the Xbox One's eye candy. It's breathtaking to watch, but its combat can't match the game's epic appearance.

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ZBlacktt1733d ago

Now people understand why I said rent before you buy.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

A little higher than expected.

RAFFwaff1733d ago

8.5/10 is a really good score. Im sure you've bought games at that review score and less.....

ZBlacktt1733d ago

Yes I have for sure. But I played this game for a bit at PAX in Sept. It's not that it was unfinished at the time. Since people seem to use/say that often. It was the gameplay. Just didn't seem so "Next Gen".

iGAM3R-VIII1733d ago

8.5/10??? lool 2.5/4 is like a 60% or something

thereapersson1733d ago

2.5/4 does not equal 8/10

Ryse currently sits at 61 on Metacritic, if you follow that site.

FlunkinMonkey1733d ago (Edited 1733d ago )

2.5/4 = 62.5%

What a stupid review score system anyhow. Who on earth marks out of 4?! Out of 5 is stupid enough as it is in my books.

Sarcasm1733d ago

lol the math of Xboners

Grap1733d ago

"Who on earth marks out of 4?! Out of 5 is stupid enough as it is in my books." college????

mt1733d ago

it is time to go to school, boy.

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dale_denton1732d ago

but but but this game is a system seller.. but but we have better launch games

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Studio-YaMi1733d ago

Who the hell rates a game out of 4 !? not trying to be picky here but seriously even a 5 is understandable!

Blaze9291733d ago

i just finished playing a bit of Ryse story mode and co-op gladiator mode. i dont know what these reviews are talking about, games fun to me. but hey, thats just me.

Pintheshadows1733d ago

I don't think your feeling is abnormal. The operative word in your sentence seems to be a 'bit'. The reviews I have read all state that the combat is great at first but what you get at the beginning is what you get 6 hours later.

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