The Negative Impact Current AAA Video Game Development Has On The Industry

Daniel Dunham writes "The needless expense of AAA video game development is stifling creativity and originality in mainstream console gaming space. Need proof? Well, you needn’t look much further than popular AAA video game franchises such as Dead Space, Resident Evil and Final Fantasy, to see what I’m talking about."

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Tales RPG addict1847d ago

The answer is more than simple. So many game companies spend 10's of millions of dollars on developing a Game that they hope will make Call of Duty(Overrated) sales. The fact that the industry is TOO focused on graphics imposes a serious problem to innovating gameplay mechanics in a AAA title.

kewlkat0071847d ago

Let's go back to the days when risk was taken without the expense of multimillion dollars projects at the hope of selling a million...

There were more garbage games but also more gems..

Edsword1847d ago

This is true. AAA games play it safe because they have to sell 3 mil copies to even be considered a success. High production value, low creativity, endless sequels.

zerocrossing1847d ago

Exactly, and all that leads to stagnation in the industry.

If they could only just scale back the budget required for developing AAA games, it would allow for more risk taking and diversity.

3-4-51847d ago

instead of spending $80 million on a game, make 4 $20 million dollar games.

* expands possible genres

* allows more experimentation

* allows more IP's to be liked by gamers and potential for them to catch on.

HighResHero1847d ago

An important article because people need to be familiar with some of these concepts.

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