The British Parent’s Guide to Xbox One

Parents must find the world of gaming to be a confusing place. In fact – it must be an exceptionally confusing place for British parents. When they were kids, tea-bagging was a civilised affair that resulted in a nice hot drink. American parents are no better off. There’s no handy English-to-youth dictionary that explains the strange world of gaming to people whose idea of relaxation doesn’t necessarily require electricity.

All that is about to change though, as TheGameJar has teamed up with BBC Leeds to produce a BRAND NEW educational series. Today we are proud to release episode 1 – The British Parent’s Guide to Xbox One.

BPG is presented by expert games journalist and pencil safety enthusiast Michael Mollicome. In this first episode we explain the Xbox One to out-of-touch parents everywhere.

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Anarki1610d ago

Omg, I'm off to Summerfield to get me a spiffing good deal on my Sony Xbox One. Tally ho

kewlkat0071610d ago

ok im excited driving to bestbuy