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TheHDRoom: "Yesterday I had the unique pleasure of getting a personal tour of the highly-anticipated Xbox One, which is due to hit store shelves at 12:01am on November 22, 2013 here in North America. My personal tour began at my local Microsoft store here in Phoenix, Arizona, as store manager Jason Swenton gladly opened himself up to any questions that I had about the next-gen game system. I was completely honest and told Jason that I had no questions: I just wanted to play games. And that's when the fun started."

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bennissimo1703d ago

Only thirteen hours and twenty minutes until I pick mine up... :)

1703d ago
princejb1341703d ago

Pretty fair user experience
He praised forza. But not so much with crimson dragon

"Unfortunately, the Kinect 2.0 had problems picking up his body, and even with me well out of the cone of vision, Jake still couldn't turn right on a jet ski course."

Hmm so how is it better than kinect 1?

keyz15791703d ago

Time will tell I think the X one will be a great console