Xbox One vs. PS4

GaemSpace: "We have already seen many different game stations, and this year two main competitors on the market have presented the eighth generation of them. Microsoft and Sony release their consoles almost simultaneously, and they look a bit similar. So, who is the winner in Xbox One vs. PS4 competition?"

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Enemy1730d ago

These VS submissions are getting old now.

LordDhampire1730d ago

Wii U is not next gen, cant compete

Nintendo does there own thing anyways

USA0071730d ago

Now that I own both, I see both have their pros and cons. Controller wise I prefer the DS4, the X1 controller is so much less comfortable now that they made it smaller than the 360 and the shoulder buttons just give you cramps. Not to mention they made the analog sticks smaller, so now my thumbs hang over the edge. The X1 in general just feels cheaply made compared to the DS4

Kinect works well though. Had no problems with voice commands and facial recognition. Using those hand motions is another story though. Just trying to get it to recognize my hand in the first place, and I usually just end up flailing my arms with no response from the Xbox.

One big factor for me is that the PS4 is just faster in general. I kept getting annoyed when I'd have to wait to load friends list or open an app, after getting used to PS4 where everything happens instantly.

PS4>X1 in my opinion