'Tearaway' geniously tosses "You" into a microcosm of paper crafting- Examiner

Tanya Valdez writes: Tearaway is a must-own title for any PlayStation Vita owner as it is one of those titles that will bring memories of that happiness that remind them of a kid on Christmas morning. It is one of those feelings that cannot be compared to anything other than...magical.

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G20WLY1766d ago

Hell yes!! I'm so pleased this turned out great. All the hope and hype in the world can't guarantee that, but these guys worked hard and have produced another must-have Vita title!

Can't wait to poke a finger through the back of my Vita :)

3-4-51765d ago

Vita needed something like this. I'm glad it's getting good reviews.

Fistedcupps1766d ago

Nice I might have to pick this up for my vita

strigoi8141766d ago

backlog of games is killing me

3-4-51765d ago

about that time of the year though right? at least with me

PoSTedUP1766d ago

sounds great. will be getting this eventually.

shammgod1766d ago

I will be in the microcosm of paper crafting tomorrow!

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The story is too old to be commented.