Nintendo Download (11/21/13, North America)

Check out the Nintendo digital downloads and sales for November 21.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1524d ago

22nd is the day I'm waiting for; A Link Between Worlds and Mario 3D World, baby!

weekev151524d ago

Id say im jealous cos im in the uk but it feels like Nintendo are being kind, giving me a week to finish Zelda before they unleash Mario on me. Feel a bit bad for those unable to get away from the fanboy wars to appreciate these games who will be stuck playin knack, ryse, killzone and cod.

Ah well at least Uncharted is out next year.

Toon_Link1524d ago

Man if I didn't just buy a ps4 I'd be getting both but now I got to decide which to get first. It'll probably be Zelda considering I got 30 bucks in credit on eshop for the fire emblem & SMT4 promotion from a few months back.

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