FreeStyleGames is working on the next Guitar Hero

TheHeroFeed has received evidence from a trustworthy source that FSG is indeed making the next Guitar Hero. Out of respect to the individual TheHeroFeed has not included their employer or their identity.

“I noticed you posted that FSG are hiring for a new music game a while back. It just so happens that I work at a different games company in the general vicinity. I absolutely know for a fact that they’re working on a new GH. I can’t tell you how I know unfortunately, but it should be out around xmas time next year and revealed at e3.“ - Anonymous

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WeAreLegion1728d ago

If they're going to bring it back, they'll have a LOT of work to do. Rock Band outclassed it in every way. That's what happens when the creators step away to make something better. Activision should know this by now. Titanfall, anyone?

Strange_Days1728d ago

If they stick to the basics like GH1 and 2 did, then it may be worth it. GH2 was their best of the series imho.

SeraphimBlade1728d ago

Nearly did a literal spit-take there

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