These are the Achievements you'll unlock for using Netflix, Lovefilm and other Xbox One media apps

With Xbox One, you can now unlock achievements for watching entertainment apps like Netflix, Lovefilm or 4OD, listening to music on Xbox Music or tuning into livestreams on Twitch. But how exactly do you earn them? VideoGamer has rounded up the full list of Xbox One media app achievements available to unlock below, which includes watching five movies that came out in 2013, listening to 10,000 songs and – yep - watching a single Twitch stream for 8 hours in a row.

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Crazay1577d ago

HOORAY! Now we can all get achievements for being sloth like.

MatrixxGT1577d ago

"Achievement Unlocked - 50GS Couch potato"

Grave1577d ago

This is sooo next-gen.

Tetsujin1577d ago (Edited 1577d ago )

You really need achievements to run apps instead of just gaming? While your at it how about achievements for watching cable tv, or better yet, just having the system on.

After reading the list I want to question why so much...

rdgneoz31577d ago

Achievement for bathroom break?

Tetsujin1577d ago

I'd make the ultimate achievement

200G "Play 12 hours straight without bathroom breaks, eating/drinking, or cursing"

nukeitall1577d ago

Do you realize how ridiculous it sounds to other people that we have achievements for games, yet we cling to it like a old lover gone!

Point being, it sounds dumb to us, but to others it might be great.

Roccetarius1577d ago

This easily ranks up there with some of the most stupid achievements. Like the Simpsons one for pressing start.

KentBlake1577d ago

Except the Simpsons one was stupid on purpose.

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The story is too old to be commented.