See How Well PlayStation 4 Performs When Plugged Into Xbox One's HDMI In

We know Xbox One is an all-in-one media entertainment box that sports HDMI In so that your set-top box can be connected with it and you can easily have all your entertainment in one place. But that's not all, you can connect a multitude of devices in the HDMI In and by going into the TV option, can see them or interact with them all while retaining Xbox One's UI.

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komp1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Does it pass through Dolby Audio and does it degrade the picture quality of any input device?

How does it handle aspect changes like 16:9 4x3 etc within the window on the UI?

donman11766d ago

Why would i ever want to do that.

mikeslemonade1766d ago

Just useless features.. It does TV, certain apps, HDMI in. All these features most gamers won't use. And it's gonna be the gamers who are gonna be buying these systems in the millions.

donman11766d ago


Let me help you understand since thinking is a struggle for you (yes I read your sarcastic remarks). Why would I want to connect my PS4 to an XboxOne and use it as a pass through. I have said this multiple times that I would not invest in the Xbox. For me my gaming needs will be met with the PS4/WiiU combo.

So I never questioned what the XboxOne is said to be capable of doing. I question why the hell will I want to use it to play my PS4. You get it now??

UltimateMaster1765d ago

Unless the person's TV is limited to the amount of HDMI port it has, then another console "like the 360" could be plugged in.

There could also be some kind of latency, I don't know if it is significant or not, but I'd just plug the PS4 directly to the HD TV.

Eonjay1766d ago

I am pretty sure its been confirmed that the HDMI input will not do surround. Sterno seems to be the best case but their are other ways around this. For example:
1. Have the HDMI output from PS4 feeding XBO input
2. In PS4 settings, make sure audio is set to Optical Out.
3. Run Fiber cable from PS4 to your system. Use HDMI only for video output.

gamesR4fun1766d ago

so the 360 can do 1080p native after all you need is a 400 dollar add on lol

as for the surround sound ya ptic out off the ps4 is the best bet but the x1 hdmi should do it too its just their optic out that won't for some reason.

ps this is bad ass makes me wish i had the money ta burn sigh

mcgrottys1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

It will not downgrade picture quality however it will go from dolby 5.1 to stereo. The reason behind the downgrade in audio is because there were issues with certain cable boxes and the pass through so they current do not have surround sound enabled. There is however a beta option in the setting to enable it however results vary.


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Neonridr1766d ago

Pretty awesome feature to be able to jump between devices like that.

mushroomwig1766d ago

It's definitely not recommended, the latency for video games would be horrific.

Neonridr1766d ago

Both my cable box and my 360 are plugged into my home theatre receiver via the HDMI ins which then passes it through to the TV via the HDMI out. I have no latency issues on my 360 or my cable box as the receiver is just acting as a pass-through. Would the Xbox One not work the same way?

Xsilver1766d ago

go watch the Michinima review or ign their will be too much lag so it's not recommended

grailly1766d ago

XOne has to process the video in to be able to use it the way it does, the introduces some latency, while you can't really see it in the video: look at 1min13 you can see there is a lot of over-shooting(aiming too much to the right, then the left, then the right), it's one of the main symptoms of latency

Neonridr1766d ago

@grailly - either that or the person sucks as shooters, lol.

I get what you are saying though.

LordMaim1766d ago

With your cable box, you're a passive observer. You get audio and video at the same time, and that's all you need. You don't have controller input to worry about, where milliseconds matter.

Just connect the PS4 to your TV as well.

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TimeSkipLuffy1766d ago

cool feature :3 want that for my PS4 as well T___T because I would use it the other way around XD

DrRobotnik1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

"Xbox, Turn on PS4 now!"

Toon_Link1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Or forget about the latency and go to Settings>System>Enable HDMI Device Link and whenever you hit the ps button your TV will switch the video for you. And when you are all done put the PS4 in standby or off and the console switches the TV input back, it really doesn't get much easier than that and no sacrifices.

Ps I do see how the option is cool but not when latency is introduced. Please do enjoy your new Xbox just wanted to put in my two cents.

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