Xbox One Bundles Kinect Because Microsoft Had No Choice

Mixcrosoft has caught a lot of flack for bundling the Kinect with Xbox One.

The reason why Kinect is required for the Xbox One to work actually makes perfect sense. The only question left now is why didn't Microsoft just tell us to begin with?

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DrRobotnik1767d ago

It can't work with out it. Literally they were stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Wikkid6661767d ago

Works fine without Kinect

Anarki1767d ago

Saying they couldn't launch with out it is like Microsoft saying they cannot reverse their DRM policies. Look how far that claim got them.

stuna11767d ago

so in other words they're still lying!? You can't have it both ways. Either you need it, or you don't!

DrRobotnik1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

I'll wait for the cameraless SKU then.

zeal0us1767d ago

Only a fraction of XB1 owners will use those kinect features fully. Some to most hardcore XB1 gamers will not care for Kinect or to use it. Just look at the 360. Hardcore games really didn't care for it then. I doubt they just magically became Kinect lovers now.

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come_bom1767d ago

Microsoft already confirmed that the X1 works with Kinect plugged off.

I suspect Microsoft is trying to sell the most X1's with Kinect they can to make the most money they can, then later on when sales start decreasing, they'll release a Kinectless X1.

Gore-Content1767d ago

I thought you can turn kinikt off, if you don't want it to spy on you?

Wikkid6661767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

You can turn it off or leave it unplugged.

PraxxtorCruel1767d ago

It doesn't even have to be plugged in.

MysticStrummer1767d ago

Yup, which means they had a choice.

DCfan1767d ago

Can't flip the switch??

etownone1767d ago

You gotta wonder who are the masterminds that work at MS.

Your forcing Kinect down our throats, even though MS already stated is not needed and can be turned out... Fine.. But at least price the Xbox One to stay competitive with the more powerful Ps4.
It should have been priced at $399.
I think then, we would have had an epic next gen battle.

MS is going to lose a lot of gamers thus first year going back to Sony.

(and this is coming from a guy that got his xbox One last night)

lot of ppeople don't need or want it.

Idba1767d ago

Agreed. And rumors have said that the Kinect costs about 100-200 usd to make. And that they had to bundle it to make a profit.

T21767d ago

yeah you are absolutely right. I usually get all consoles at some point but I hate kinect, so I'm waiting, MS will release a kinect less SKU in about 2 years for 299 and I will wait.

btk1767d ago

Well if they wait that long the console war for this gen could be over

hellvaguy1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

In all fairness, sony also removing choice by forced paid online down our throats. Most people want the options to choose things on thier own. Next-gen consoles are removing some of these choices. I dont want kinect or the new ds4 touchpad that gobbles battery life down to 7 hours a charge. Unacceptable imo.

MysticStrummer1767d ago

Of course they had a choice. They either designed the console based on their estimation of what consumers would want, or they tried to impose their vision on consumers. Either way, they designed the thing.

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