New Strider Screenshots Show PS3-PS4 Differences

New screenshots for Strider, the reboot of the classic Capcom series. A new screenshots for the PS4 version shows the grahical differences between current and next generation versions.

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Comnnsence1765d ago

Damn, you cannot deny, the PS3 engine is really holding up against the next-gen. These guys finally are able to utilize that cell engine.

kiz26941765d ago

I sadly cant see any difference. But looks great otherwise, the increase of resolution will be nice anyway :)

ABizzel11765d ago

I can see the difference, but it's art-style prevents it from being a big deal.

PS3 is likely 720p @ 60fps
PS4 will be 1080p @ 60fps (a bit more detailed)

PS4 has better bloom effects: Sword strike, light on the ground.
PS4 probably has better particle effects: sparks on PS4, bloom on PS3
PS4 has cleaner textures: Striders belt, robot armor.

MWong1765d ago

I can't hardly see the differences. I mainly see a difference in the particle effects. Both versions look beautiful.

MrDead1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I flupping love Strider, Strider 2 was the best out of the bunch. Give me this game now!!

If anyone is interested in classic games my friend found a handheld she got for her son it’s called a PVP I’d never heard of the thing before. Some sites advertise that it has 999888 games built in but it really has about 150 with another 150 on a cartridge.

It has the original Strider as well as games such as
Midnight Resistance
Hard Driving
Streets of Rage 2
All of the Double Dragons
Altered Beast
Alex Kid
Golden Axe
Anyone that loves classic games from the late 80’s to the mid 90’s I recommend it as it has the very best games from this time period. It costs about £20-£25 on ebay, it's a bit cheap feeling and the D-pad could be a little better but I loved it.

first1NFANTRY1765d ago

thanks for the info bro those games are classics. i'll def check it out.

+ bubbles

MrDead1765d ago

I couldn't believe I'd never heard of this thing before, my brain almost exploded when I read the games list. I’m on N4G almost every day there’s not one mention of this device and my friend who has no interest in gaming find’s it for her kid.

svoulis1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I think that the site should've done it proper and instead of showing the PS3 native res upscaled it to 1080p thats how you should see the comparison. It really does make a difference graphically.

I made this to help see the difference.

All I did was upscale the PS3 version to match the size of the PS4.

Heavenly King1765d ago

thanks a lot. You can clearly see the differences, but there are not much since the game is not that demanding from a technical standpoint.

I think people wont loose a thing if they get the PS3 version instead of the PS4.

crazyclown1764d ago

If you don't notice a difference you are BLIND