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Edge:Ryse: Son Of Rome’s creators know history, but don’t really care about it. History is a disposable thing, valuable for setting the scene or establishing villains, but discarded in favour of fantasy the minute it gets in the way of telling a ripping yarn. Similarly, there’s evidence that Ryse’s development team knows about innovation in game design, but doesn’t really care about that, either. After all, all that fighting just gets in the way of showing you fantasy spectacles more beautiful than any yet rendered in a game.

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G20WLY1765d ago

Note to Crytek: Rome WASN'T built in a day :(

SpinalRemains1381765d ago

That's because I wasn't on that job.

thereapersson1765d ago

"Rome wasn't built in a day... BUT IT'S TIME TO FALL!"

- Duke Nukem

4Sh0w1765d ago

Wow I love Edge:

"Reality, says Ryse, is boring; instead, Britain and Rome are exaggerated until ancient Europe is more like Peter Jackson’s Middle-earth. It’s all the better for it, because the worlds Ryse creates are the main event at a show held together by the most rudimentary combat system. This is Batman: Arkham Asylum’s combat stripped of its most arresting embellishments, with a sword slash in place of Batman’s punches and kicks, a shield bash in lieu of a cape, an evasive roll, a counter and a thrown pilum instead of the Batarang. It’s a satisfying but simple toolset that does just barely enough to give players something to do on the way from Point A to Point Spectacular."

"Ryse evinces no care for history, innovation of design, photorealism or a great many other things, but Crytek cares dearly about art and the technology powering it. For all the simplicity of its mechanics, Ryse’s artistry is second to none. Crytek is home not just to Europe’s best technical minds, it seems, but to some of its finest videogame artists, too. Even with its constant cribbing from Hollywood, there has never been a game world of such striking beauty, variety or detail. It’s a monumental piece of world-building that sets the standard for videogame fantasy in much the same way Gears Of War established its own precedents during the previous generation."

Damm even in failure that sounds damm good. I'll know for sure tonight.

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GTgamer1765d ago

Uncharted thought me that you can have amazing graphics and great gameplay clearly Crytek needs to take some lessions.

solid_snake36561765d ago

Lol just like you need to take grammer lessons lol (its taught, not thought). I totally agree with you though.

Fizzgig1765d ago

@solid_snake3656 it's grammar, not grammer

GarrusVakarian1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

These reviews have really surprised me today, even though i knew the gameplay was going to be mediocre and the story wasn't going to be anything special considering its Crytek....i still thought it was going to get mostly 7.5-8's.

Glad the industry isn't blinded by pretty graphics and still knows sub-par gameplay/story when it sees it.

Baka-akaB1765d ago

I remain cynical , and chalk it up as the game being too average for some reviewer to fix . And even then it seems that in Polygon's case , what they truly feel in the streams isnt really reflected by their final score

Am_Ryder1765d ago

Did you read Edge's review entirely?

Check out the last couple of paragraphs. They basically say that, graphically and stylistically, it's one of the greatest games yet made. They highly praise that and they say the game's very much playable.

But Edge's rating system tends to revolve around how _creative_ a game is. How much it innovates and how much it develops the mechanics and genres it borrows from. And Ryse was clearly a completely uninnovative game.

Hence the 6/10. Which is a score that means "quite good" in Edge terms (rather than the industry standard for "quite good" which is 8/10. Which should really mean "very very good".)

Baka-akaB1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

i'm talking about the review and press industry as a whole , just like Lukas mentioned above , not Edge . Even if i think hardly anything positive of them either , ,their so called harshness and search for creativity only pops up when convenient , regardless of platforms . Either way , I didnt comment on their review

G20WLY1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

^Alex - I haven't played it, so it's hard for me to say - but have you SEEN the other reviews?

6/10 from Edge is one of the higher end ones, so how can we explain away the other scores - some as low as 3/10, just that I've seen?

This cannot be dismissed as marked down for not being 'creative'. If you nail a well-trodden genre, bringing nothing new, you might lose a point, but you'll still be rated up there with the best games score-wise.

kiz26941765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Was gunna say the same about being blinded by graphics, well said Lukas! I am slightly pleased tho by the scores (I know you dont rely on review scores lukas but I cant help be slightly influenced) cos this was the only game I was envious of not getting (DR3 at the reveal was really exciting for me, but then I went silly again and I'm a huge TWD fan and I would of loved to play a serious DR game) so now its become quite mediocre I'm not as disappointed.

Edit: Completely agree with your response Lukas, understandable.

GarrusVakarian1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

"(I know you dont rely on review scores lukas but I cant help be slightly influenced) "

I can see where you are coming from and i can see why low scores would dampen your spirits, but i still believe that seeing it for yourself and making your own judgement is the best way to go. The low scores for me just means that im going to pay less for it. I still couldn't give a rats *** about other peoples opinions :p

I mean who knows, maybe you play it and you are one of the people in the minority who would give it an 8 or above?

cell9891765d ago

I agree with you on Dead Rising, it looks so goofy, I wanted something just like TWD. Full of survival, tension, horror and with a little more soul. Im sure its a fun game,but its too goofy for my liking, still waiting for a zombie game were there are hordes of zombies and you have a shotgun and a handgun with reserved ammo. Free roam is there on DR3 but they went overkill with what you can do there, reminds me of Saints Row, a fun game, but none of the cool aspect that GTA offers.

VENOMACR12271765d ago

I actually was thinking more along the lines of 6's, and that seems to be the most popular score. Doesn't surprise me. At least it shows how amazing next gen graphics can be. Imagine a year or 3 from now when developers really get to push the limits of both X1 and PS4.

bicfitness1765d ago

Writing was on the wall to anyone who was paying attention. It was initially an Xbox 360 Kinect title, let's not forget. There was only so much lipstick you could put on this pig.

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Philoctetes1765d ago

"To be clear, this isn’t Microsoft’s God Of War. Rather, it’s Call Of Duty with a sword,"

Ouch. Better luck next time.

Killzoner991765d ago

6? What an epic fail. Xboned lol.

Naga1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

What world do you live in where 6/10 is an epic fail?

Oh wait. That's right. You're just trolling.

I get that it might not live up to some people's expectations, but my impression is that this is just about where most people expected it to land. Anyone who didn't see the writing on the wall with regard to the relatively shallow gameplay was fooling themselves, in my opinion. I think a lot of people *wanted* it to score high, but few people actually *expected* it to.

A 6/10 is a fail for a game like this - don't get me wrong. But it's not an "epic fail", and the dude's comment was an obvious troll.

GarrusVakarian1765d ago

It's not an epic fail but it's not what everyone was cranking it up to be either.

Sarcasm1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Given the amount of hype like it's the second coming from Xbone fans it's an Epic fail.

kiz26941765d ago

It is slightly an epic fail, as it had so much hype around it, and it was the xbones flagship game. Scores sometimes don't tell the whole story. A game that looks terrible gets a score of 7-8 then it would be an epic surprise see what I mean, context is everything.

Naga1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

So then by that standard are we going to consider Knack to be an epic fail?

I don't mean to fuel console wars here by grabbing a PS4 comparison - I'm just trying to see if we're all being fair-minded. Ryse is currently sitting with a Metacritic average of 61, whereas Knack has a 56. Both were billed just as highly, in my opinion.

Seraphemz1765d ago

Knack had NOWHERE near as much hype. Sony themselves labeled it a "second purchase" game.

RYSE is supposed to be Xbox One's "system seller"... Thats how it was marketed.

cbuc11251765d ago

I can make this real easy for you. 6 divided by 10 on a calculator is 60%. Thats a D...not failing but not acceptable either. It is what it is man.

Naga1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )


Why are you telling me that it's not failing? 6/10 actually is failing in many graduate-level institutions. But that's ultimately irrelevant either way, as game reviews are graded by a somewhat different metric.


If you can show me that this was lauded as *the* game that was going to sell the Xbox One, I would really like to see that. I honestly would. If so, I'll totally concede the point and say this is much more of a fail than Knack.

Clarence1765d ago

All the hype this game received makes it a epic fail.

jackdaddy1765d ago

Another system selling game?
Another duff launch game like DR3?
Is there actually anything remotely good about the xbOne?
Oh, there isn't...
Since when has stating facts been trolling. What a pile of dog shite.

cell9891765d ago

it just goes to show that its was way overhyped and in that reason it was a fail

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Convas1765d ago

Damn. Your opinion of Knack must be unbearable.

See, you guys continue to play this stupid reviews game, but neither side has this GLORIOUS REVIEWS victory that they wanted.

Get over it and move on.

MysticStrummer1765d ago

Was Knack ever built up to be the killer launch title that Ryse was hyped up to be? I mean I'm sure it was said by some people, but was that opinion widespread?

GTgamer1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Knack was always considered to be a second purchase but RYSE was MS killer app :/ it was even in the most anticipated list.

VENOMACR12271765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Right, because Knack is getting all 10/10's....

Personal opinion, I don't think Ryse was the flagship game. I think Forza was the flagship game for launch. And how is a 6 an epic fail? I think anything below a 5 would be a complete failure.

Everyone knew Ryse would be a beautiful game. Everyone though the combat and gameplay wouldn't be that great. I dont think anyone was expecting 9's or 10's for this game.

Clarence1765d ago

No. Xbone fans really believed that this game was going to be great.

Naga1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

@ Clarence

That's simply not true. By latest estimates, there are over 900K Xbox One pre-orders within North America, and just over 130K pre-orders of Ryse.

That means only 14% of Xbox One purchasers believed Ryse was going to be good enough to be worth pre-ordering.

My good friend Mr. Math says that you're wrong.

TheEnigma3131765d ago

When will Crytek learn that there is more to a game than just pretty graphics?

MysticStrummer1765d ago

When people stop rewarding them for their method.

TheEnigma3131765d ago

But none of their games has sold that well.

Imalwaysright1765d ago

They're the most overrated devs in the industry.

MysticStrummer1765d ago

They're still highly thought of though.

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