Ninja Theory’s Antoniades: Xbox One is “completely the wrong direction”, mobile is the future

Speaking at the Slush business conference in Helsinki last week, Ninja Theory’s design chief Tameem Antoniades was less than complimentary about the current state of console gaming. He said that Ninja Theory is heading entirely for mobile, because the AAA console model is broken and the consoles themselves have at most ten years of life left. He also urged creatives to change the form of all media, to break the constraints of the clichéd forms that movies, music and games come in.

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GarrusVakarian1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

"mobile is the future"

For casuals maybe......

Consoles will be here long after toilet break mobile games have been forgotten about.

Yi-Long1766d ago

I disagree that 'mobile' is the future.

However, ANDROID will be the future, seeing as how fast the power of these phones is developing (first 8-core came out today, Zopo), and specs are increasing at a very rapid rate.

Imagine a few years from now, with hundreds of millions carrying around a device in their pocket with the same power as a PS4 or XBO, which they can easily hook up to a TV and controller. It's a portable console! And developers and publishers will absolutely want to tap into that market!

jimbobwahey1766d ago

This guy's just bitter because every game he's made sucks and after they ruined Devil May Cry no publisher will touch them. They're running to mobile development because they can't compete in the console industry.

Mystogan1766d ago

The portable console with the power of an X1 or PS4 is a pipe-dream. It won't happen anytime soon. Smartphones are not even close to being as powerful as a Wii.

kingdip901766d ago

I don't get the dissagrees here... I have a galaxy s3, I can mirror the image on my screen to my tv through a cable and play emulators and game roms with my wii mote and classic controller because if bluetooth NOW.

Imagine if phones could do this with modern looking games...

Zichu1766d ago

By the time a phone reaches that amount of power, won't consoles and PC's be even further than that??

OrangePowerz1766d ago

Mobile phones are hitting the area where they have diminishing returns because of the limits mobile phones have to work with such as battery life and size.

firefly691766d ago

That is going to be impossible!To have graphic power it will be need more power consumption,and power generates heat.Mobile are small machines that have low power batteries,not to mention that they are call mobile for one reason...there are so many things preventing that mobile phones will never reach the power of this new console machines that thinking this will be possible in a foresen future or ever is just a bold statement without any fundation.

Yi-Long1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@Zichu: No they won't. Just look at how fast the specs of phones and tablets has increased. Just 2 years orso ago, 512RAM was the standard, last year 1GB, now we have the first phones popping up with 3GB RAM. Processors keep getting faster and faster as well. 8-core is already out now. They've got built-in cameras, NFC, everything. ALl the possibilities are endless.

And this is all moving at an extremely fast pace.

If you expect the PS4 and XBO to last 5+ years, which I do, then I'm convinced phones and tablets will overlap them in power in 3-4 years. 100$ certainty.

Add to that the fact that Android will have a target-audience of hundreds of millions of users, of which tens of millions will have a powerful device able to run new spec-heavy games, and OF COURSE developers and publishers are going to push their games to that market.

And we'll see people hooking up their phone/Android to their flatscreen, switching on their wireless controller, and they'll have a console-like experience, exactly the same as we are used to on Consoles as we now them now.

In fact, with Valve already pushing towards Linux with Steambox, it's completely logical that many of these games will already be able to be played on Android, considering Linux = (pretty much) Android.

You can disagree with me all you want, but when the power in the devices is there (and it WILL be), and the market is there (it WILL be), then devs and publishers are absolutely going to go after that market. Big Time.

And there is nothing wrong with that. Quite the opposite. This is a good thing.

Those thinking we'll just get Angry Birds games are crazy btw. We'll be getting the same kind of games we're already getting for consoles, and more. Much much more.

frostypants1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Yes, let's do as you say and imagine in a few years having a phone as powerful as a PS4 in our pockets...meanwhile newer consoles will be 5-10 times more powerful than that. So what? The phone in your pocket now is at least as powerful as a PS2, but that doesn't matter because that is no longer impressive horsepower. The whole "gaming is going mobile" theory is completely ignorant of the fact that the hardware that can be fit into a console will always be better than what can be squeezed into a mobile device at any given time. Mobile will ALWAYS be years behind the curve.

Also, your comment that Steambox games will be Android-capable because Android is like Linux is insane. Hardware matters. No, an Android phone won't be able to handle a high-end Steambox game...similar OS be damned. HARDWARE.

ABizzel11766d ago

Mobile isn't the future of core gaming. The closet thing to mobile taking over core gaming right now is Remote Play between PS4 and Vita, since you're taking your "core" gaming with you.

That being said mobile devices will be a possible source for core gaming. In 2014 Tegra 5 will be on par with the PS3 in processing (doesn't mean it will produce games on par), and come 2015 Tegra 6 will exceed the Wii U, and be running at 50% of the power of the XBO.

That being said those devices will likely power netbooks, and gaming tablets considering the power draw, and will retail for $400+ range.

Zichu1766d ago

Just because phone tech is advancing, doesn't mean it's stopped for other devices.

If you really think phones and tablets are going to give you same experience as a console, you are quite wrong. Just take a look at the OUYA and Gamestick. I don't hear about those two devices anymore, does it even have support by top developers at all?

I'm not saying phones and tablets won't reach the the same level as consoles and PC's, it will happen. I mean who would of thought you could do all you can on a really small device. Just look back at the retro consoles that couldn't output 3D, or even enough colors in 2D.

PC hardware is moving way too fast for even phones to catch up. They might be adding more RAM, but they need to work on the CPU and GPU a bit more because RAM isn't going to improve a game.

minimur121766d ago

I don't want to loose ninja theory to mobiles :( stay on consoles!

sprinterboy1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Good luck with battery life. Battery life is crap now in phones, they keep updating the phones each year but battery life technology never makes the leaps it needs too, a gaming phone plus using GPS on a long journey with phone calls and internet searches would not last you 24 hrs which is where it needs to be

Yi-Long1766d ago

@Sprinterboy: You're looking at it from the wrong angle.

You think we'll be doing hardcore gaming while on the go.

I'm saying we will come home, plug our phone into the dock-station next to the plasma, which hooks it up to the power and the plasma, we go sit on the couch, pick up the wireless controller, and start playing the games we want, or we'll use it as a mediaplayer, or we'll use the camera in the phone for video-chat, or whatever.

You will have a dock next to your TV. One dock next to your PC-monitor and keyboard/mouse, etc etc. It will be a mobile 'do-it-all'.

And those naysayers: Did you think 5 years ago that we would be walking around with phones in our pockets with 2 cameras, 32-64GB(!) of ROM for all our mediaentertainment, with octo-core processors and 2GB of RAM!? No. You. Didn't.

Yet here we are, already walking around with devices more powerful and much more flexible than PC's from only 10 years orso ago. With scratchfree FullHD screens, with NFC, etc etc.

Again, hundreds of millions of people will walk around with an incredibly powerful Android phone in 5 years orso. That's a HUGE market.

kreate1766d ago

U heard the man. Ninja theory is all about mobile. Not for consoles.

so stop defending them.

DragonKnight1766d ago

LMAO! Tameem Antoniades putting his foot in his mouth again.

So because you can't cut it even with ideas handed to you (DmC) you ran to mobile and have joined the countless others that think mobile gaming is the future, parroting what has been said for YEARS and hasn't happened.

Welcome to the "Has-been" club Tameem, though I suppose in Ninja Theory's case it's the "Never-was" club.

Mobile gaming will never be the future, it has far too many physical barriers that can't be passed yet such as battery life and heat dissipation to match PCs or consoles.

N4g_null1766d ago

Lets say mobile chips are a possible future, lets claim they are cheap also. Let put all the new tech on the table and apply it appropriately.

We have wifi direct, wiiu wireless gamepad tech, bluetooth everything and a big push for online unified everything. Tegra chips catching up with the wiiu?

Ok lets go one step further. Tesla like consoles with 3000 cores just for gaming. That is possible now. Local cloud offloaded gpgpu gaming is ready now.... it does not fit in your pocket. Your phone becomes another output device or a possible computing node.

there is a design limit to what can fit into a phone. There is the thermal problem. Yet a cheap fx like arm chip array would bring back carts for gaming again. Nolonger would you have to upgrade you could possibly just set the cart beside the console and play it wirelessly.

it would be quite grand possibly expensive but would the game quality rise that is the real question, also would this tech offer any real innovation.?

I dont see the toolsets yet for lots of this to happen. Yet im liking where nvidia is going with their maximus setup, ive had that setup for a number of years yet 4k requires a bit more ram, then we have to get all our tools up to par with the tech.

Darrius Cole1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )


If most gamers come home and plug our system into a docking station attached to our television set, then consoles will be ahead of mobile gaming.

The whole point of mobile gaming is that we can do it when we are not at home. Once we actually decide to game at home, consoles will always have an advantage. it is just a question of space. No matter how powerful and small we can make chips, we will always be able to put more of them into a square-foot than we can fit into a square-inch. If we are going to be chained to a central location (like a television set) then it will always be better to have the extra power when we get there.


If Antoniades is the reason that Ninja Theory won't do Heavenly Sword 2 then the rest of Ninja Theory should mutiny against him and do it. If he owns the studio then the rest of them should try to form their own studio and do it in spite of him.

Antoniades is leading them completely out of the console gaming industry and into the mobile market. Why should they think he will be any more competent in the mobile market than he is in the console market. When he fails in the mobile market I guess he will have them making web browsers next.

Kennytaur1766d ago

It's hopefully not Android unless they make a new build from scratch. It's such an unoptimised OS.

Ninjatogo1766d ago

I'm pretty sure the first 8-core Android device came out quite some time ago. It was the Exynos Galaxy S4.

Also, mobile devices are getting faster sure, but they are not pushing games tech like consoles/PC. They are not running games anywhere near the visual fidelity of what we've seen on the PS3/360.
Don't even get me started on the poor control mechanics.

I bought a decent Android device recently (HTC One). Before I got it, I thought, "Oh boy, I can't wait to play some of those great games on here!" Then I got the device and wondered where that thought even came from. I've tried dozens of games and many look bad and feel bad.
I would say this is the best example today that specs don't make a good game.

HighResHero1766d ago

Phones haven't even caught up with 8 year old consoles due to thermal and battery limitations.

Phones are advancing but consoles, PCs, and laptops can advance much faster because they don't have these(and other) limitations.

So the whole "mobiles are advancing fast" is not rational.

Tameem I'm sure has plenty of reasons to be looking for avenues of escape.

Information Minister1766d ago

The only reason why this guy thinks mobile is the future is because if he and his team produce another flop, at least it won't stand out so much in that sea of casual shovelware.

He's basically admitting he's not up to the high standards of console/PC gaming

SecondSon1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

This whole thread is a simple case of...

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

― Henry Ford

I don't see consoles being around when my TV can stream any game down my 1 Gigabit connection.

I don't see mobiles needing faster hardware when my phones and tablets have a strong 5G connection.

But most of all, I do not see myself in the future getting up to plug in my phone into a dock because my HTC One can wirelessly send a movie to my TV while I text.

Yi-Long1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@secondson: the hook-up between phone and tv can of course be done wireless, but the primary reason for people to dock it in next to their TV would be of course to avoid draining the battery when it's not necessary.

Secondary reason would be that double function of connecting to your TV (saved settings and all, which might differ per phone), double-funtion as a camera for video-chat and motion-detection games for your games, etc etc etc.

fredrikpedersen1765d ago

@jimbob Enslaved was a great game.

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Magicite1766d ago

consoles, pc, mobile, tablets, laptops, they all have great future!

wolfsaviorzx1766d ago

Laptops and Tablets will become one. Surface Pro is pretty much already set the new standard for both.

SecondSon1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

No they all have one future.

A mobile device in your pocket that links any screen into the cloud. It acts as your Desktop, Phone, Cable box, Router, Console, Navigator etc and it runs a cloud service such as Chrome OS.

With a flick you bring any screen nearby to life by getting your devise to stream content to it.

You access the Sony, Steam and Windows Games app on it which sends you through to the corresponding cloud based services.

Any heavy processing gets streamed as video down your 5G network from a shared processing server.

That is a more efficient way for technology to spread in a world where distance is just a ping of 20

Sharing a pool of processing power is obviously the way to go, instead of buying individual processing units that are only used by one person and remain on standby 16 hours a day.

You will pick the cloud, because you will get more processing power for your buck.

Mystogan1766d ago

The portable console(smartphone) with the power of an X1 or PS4 is a pipe-dream. It won't happen anytime soon. Smartphones are not even close to being as powerful as a Wii.

VENOMACR12271766d ago

Angry birds or BF4? Candy crush or Titanfall?

Yea, I'd pick mobile too lol

greedybear881764d ago

Mobile gaming isn't just Angry Birds. There's console quality titles out therefor Android and IOS devices. Try searching for 'Modern Combat 5' or 'Asphalt 8' and you'll see what I mean

feedurhabit1766d ago

He's only angry because nobody'll let him develop for consoles after DmC

Heartnet1765d ago

or that the profit margin for mobile phone games is alot higher than console games?

mobiles are more popular etc etc....

And ninja theory has made solid game after solid game... they just dont sell well cuz they aint a shooter or the fifth game in X franchise....

feedurhabit1764d ago

Except DmC WAS the 5th game in its franchise. And while it's not as bad as a lot of people say it is, it was mediocre at best.

Enslaved I can't comment on but Heavenly Sword was one of the worst action games I've ever played. It was like they saw God of War and thought "hey, you know what this game needs less of? Fun!"

pkb791766d ago

I just switch over to my Vita and stream my ps4 game when going to the toilet. Works very well.

UncleGermrod1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

let's be fair, the majority of us might play mobile while crapping or stuck in a Dr. office, at best. i do not even know who these guys are. sick of these devs taking jabs at the industry and its fans, simply because they can not make high quality products that stand up to gamers' expectations. good luck selling crap to obnoxious iphone moms, ninja theory.

wonderfulmonkeyman1766d ago

Pfft, not me.
If I'm stuck in an office or on a crapper, I bust out my 3DS, not my phone, if I'm gonna play a game.

-Foxtrot1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

He's only saying this because after the crappy games they've made (except for Heavenly Sword...they could of had something there), they've been made to do Mobile games now.

Saying something like this helps him sleep at night

lpgs50001766d ago

Thank you. I have my own reasons for not wanting an x1 but I would take an Xbox one over mobile gaming anyday. The only games I have ever enjoyed on my phone are emulators.

Murad1766d ago

Agree with you totally. I personally myself prefer PC, aside from the delicious console exclusive goodness, however, I can say for certain that mobile games are not the future. I would understand if he was talking about Phoenix Wright titles for the DS as they are THE BOMB, but games like templar run or something along those lines are games you would give to casual players. You cannot put Civ 5 into a small device and keep all the features,it's a game that should be played on a TV or a monitor.

malokevi1766d ago

"He said that Ninja Theory is heading entirely for mobile"

" Xbox One is “completely the wrong direction”, mobile is the future"


Nodoze1766d ago

Ewww I cannot wait to see the steaming pile that ninja theory make for consoles this go round. They were 1 for 3 last gen.

ChickeyCantor1766d ago

"For casuals maybe...... "

I really don't think you understand the financial potential mobile gaming has. It is already proven to be a major viable platform.

Regardless of what you deem hardcore or casual. That's business for ya.

Demster1765d ago

just because your mom and her friends from book club would buy silly games on the AppStore or PlayStore, doesn't mean all the devs of our favorite games are gonna start making games for mobile only, because of "financial potential" lol.
mobile gaming is an industry to itself.

ChickeyCantor1765d ago


And what did I say?
Mobile platforms can be more viable. That's why a lot of companies, whether they be game developers or not, are moving to the mobile platform. The market is far more bigger.

" because of "financial potential" lol. "
You clearly don't understand how hard money talks. The higher ups in these companies make the decision and if they think that their company interest can benefit more from mobiles they will shift.

I never mentioned an exclusivity. Most game developers already create for mobile platforms.

7uff11766d ago

But I play 3DS on the toilet LOL mobile is dead to me, except when my 3DS battery dies and i'm not at home, then I play any mobile puzzle

Soc51766d ago

Yeah, all these mobile is the future guys don't get it. There will always be people who want cutting edge experiences that mobile is far from being able to handle. When mobile comes close to levels of pcs nowadays it still won't matter because there will always be people who want to enjoy it on a large screen at home. Yes mobile is definitely a profitable new niche that is here to stay but, consoles going away, I don't think so. Maybe they want it to be that way because mobile is an easy way to make tons of cash.

greedybear881764d ago

Mobile games can be played on a HDTVs and that technology exists in the marketplace today. You can connect your smartphone to a TV via an MHL cable and then if you all you need is a decent controller like a Moga Pro and there you have it... Playing console quality games like Modern Combat 5, Dead Trigger 2 or Asphalt 8 on your big screen with a console style bluetooth controller. That's a console experience right there.

Gamer19821765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Just proves how stupid these guys are. A couple of years ago they came out blaming Sony for there failures with Broken Sword not recognizing the reason it didn't sell well is because it was a launch title. So went multiplatform and starting praising MS to take a pot shot at Sony. They made a terrible game in enslaved and DMC got negative feedback for a whole host of valid reasons so now they are blaming both MS and Sony for bad sales. To be honest the console world will be better off without them, they don't make great games and it will open up a gap in the market for a truly talented developer.

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ANIALATOR1361766d ago

this bloke is in the wrong direction. Mobile will never take over proper home console experiences

Agent_00_Revan1766d ago


Am I completely impressed that my cell phone, a device only years ago couldn't do anything more except actually make phone calls, is now capable of gaming in 3D and multiplayer matches. You bet! its very impressive.

But do I think Mobile games will ever take over home consoles? Never. Mobile is always 2 steps behind, at least. And no matter how impressed I am about the capabilities of my phone, I'm more impressed at my home console and would much rather play the games on my PS/Xbox.

Candy crush will never be as riveting as The Last of Us.

asmith23061766d ago

Exactly. 1m PS4s sold on day one says hello!

SecondSon1766d ago

And Chrome OS says hi.

How long will it be before our internet connection are fast enough for us to stream everything?

By streaming you are sharing the processing power of your hardware (which is kept at Sony HQ) with others.

How many hours do you play a day? A max of 8?
If we could all share our PS4s we would each have 3 times the power of the PS4 for $400.

Cloud is going to give you the highest perfomance for your buck.

When a console costs you $400 and a cloud media link costs you $130 for the same performance. You will drop all your hardware for this magical mobile streaming device.

Sarcasm1766d ago

Honestly this is because his company has had mostly "ok" games that weren't big successes.

frostypants1766d ago

Yep...easier to impress people with little phone games for casuals.

MysticStrummer1766d ago

Going from Heavenly Sword to Enslaved was the wrong direction.

McScroggz1766d ago

Enslaved is one of the most underrated games this generation, in my opinion.

JCOLE131951766d ago

Yeah I enjoyed Ensalved honestly.

MysticStrummer1766d ago

I enjoyed it too, but still thought it was several steps backwards from Heavenly Sword.

akaFullMetal1766d ago

These guys really do like to intimidate their fan base a lot.

Roccetarius1766d ago

What fan base? The one they constantly kick out of their way?