ZTGD | Rain Blood Chronicles: Mirage (PC) Review

Jae Lee writes: When I first booted up RainBlood Chronicles: Mirage, I thought I was in for a terrible time. First of all, my trusted wired 360 controlled wasn’t immediately recognized properly. I had to go into settings to manually map the buttons, which wasn’t something I had to do for a PC game in years.

The characters controlled stiffly and overall, while it looked pretty, the process of keeping a combo going felt overly difficult and arduous.

If I were playing this title as I were any other game without considering the aspect of reviewing it, I would’would’ve stopped there believing the game to be rubbish.

Luckily, given I was playing this title for review, I pressed on and found that past my bad first impressions was a solid spectacle hack and slash.

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