'Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare' release date announced

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare has been given a release date.

The Xbox One and Xbox 360 timed exclusive will be available on February 21 in the UK, February 20 in Europe and February 18 in North America.

The multiplayer-only title will also be available at a discounted price point, with a cost of £34.99 / $40 on Xbox One and £25.99 / $30 on Xbox 360.

"We're not going out as a full price title. We're hoping that it will be really accessible," senior franchise manager Gary Clay told Digital Spy.

"It's actually one of the most expensive games that PopCap has ever done. We've had a lot of success reaching a mass market with a lower price point. It's still slightly high on price, but much cheaper than other titles on the market."

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komp1768d ago

Hmm.. not another game with micro-transactions in it by chance?

Letros1768d ago

It's from EA, so you can count on it!

Abdou0231768d ago

PvZ2 Was a complete joke, they ruined it totally.

GarrusVakarian1768d ago

I think this looks quite fun actually, i was impressed by the demo. The graphics were very nice.

a08andan1768d ago

Anyone know, since it is a timed exclusive, when it will come to ps4?^^ Or maybe it hasn't been announced :)

Skate-AK1768d ago

Hasn't been announced yet.

kiz26941768d ago

This is actually the first time I heard this was a "timed" exclusive, cant wait for this on PS4 now! (if announced of course) for now I will just play it on 360.

GarrusVakarian1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Is that confirmed? Nice, ill get it on PS4 if so (PS4 will be my multiplat + PS exclusive console).

GentlemenRUs1768d ago

Good thing its coming to PS later on in its life :P

JusticeBolt1768d ago

Any chance for a PS4 version?

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