Xbox One – Launch Day Guide [UPDATE]

TechRaptor - [UPDATE] For some reason, Microsoft has pulled the Offline Update Support. The links to not currently work. We've contacted Microsoft for comment and will update as soon as we know.
With the launch of Microsoft’s new Xbox One console less than 2 weeks away, let’s take a look at some need to know things about the console to help you prepare your next-gen experience!

With the launch coming on November 22nd, and virtually every pre-order now being filled by major electronic retailers, getting a console could prove to be a tough chore. Microsoft has said there will be an unknown amount of consoles to buy outright without a pre-order, but they as well as retailers have been silent on the exact number. With that being said, most of us who plan on getting a “Day One” version, more than likely have theirs pre-ordered. TechRaptor is here to help, with our Xbox One – Launch Day Guide!

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