Why the PS4's blue light of death is a boon for the Xbox One

While the PlayStation 4 just released a few days ago, there are rumors! Yes rumors! We all love to gossip and it's contagious, but there comes a day when  we'll have to separate fact from fiction. Searching a number of retailers, there is a reported blue light of death. It's real. Who comes up with these names? Tell me that.  The blue light of death indicates hardware failure and  early adopters are voicing their dismay at these defects.

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xboned_you1642d ago

Of course this would give Xbox an edge, Various News site had there PlayStation brick on them! Within 24h of the release in the US there where countless videos of peoples PlayStation not working fresh of the box! Sony even addressed the issues so they are 100% true

WorldGamer1642d ago

Wow man, you are sure excited about this. "Take heed those among you who take pleasure in the despair of others, as despair shall one day be visited upon you."

Be careful taking pleasure in this news my friend, X1 has yet to be widely released.

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Enemy1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

@ xboned_you:

Blue screen of "death" isn't actually death. It's a HDMI connection issue. So the name "blue screen of death" makes no sense.

Xbone is having more serious problems you should worry about, and it's not even widely released yet, as mentioned above.

Ju1641d ago

Well, fabricated bad PS4 news...which isn't funny.

But, tbh, I hope the XBox issues are not wide spread...nothing to laugh about here. Those "bad drive" news is sure nothing what the other side needs - even before launch. Better not start throwing the first stone here.

MasterCornholio1641d ago

Remember when a Chinese newspaper reported that there were manufacturing issues with the disk drive? And remember all Xbox fans said that a Sony fanboy fabricated the information to make Microsoft look bad?

Yeah look what happened.

Nexus 7 2013

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KonsoruMasuta1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Don't laugh just yet. The Xbone is having issues with the disk drive.

Take care.

B-radical1641d ago

Lol i do rememeber shuhei saying the red light of death wasnt real.......pretty bad thing to lie about cause it came true but its all in a margin of error so who cares

Ju1641d ago

It isn't. Running this thing on and on for days now. No heat issues what so ever.

B-radical1641d ago

Well i seen this 12 second vid and a couple of other i just assumed red light of death was real

Kryptix1641d ago

This video explains the red line of death issue.


HAHA. oh man. this is one of those comments with so much pathetic fanboyness radiating from it that i can't even touch it.

Saigon1641d ago

I don't get it, why are you'll trying to keep something above water that has drowned. Its less than 1% and from what we truly know from all the articles across the internet, it was only on vendor that had the issues. I could see if this rate was higher, but it truly isn't. Your trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill. The reports are already out and just because someone submits an article that is out of touch of reality means nothing. To me it truly sounds like the South Park Episodes that have released and they can't accept the PS4.

Funantic11641d ago

I agree. Amazon had 50% of verified PS4 purchasers complaining. Sony addressed it and claimed it was .04% which I disagree. It can only be .04% for so long. When techs took the PS4 they discovered cheap thermal paste and with the X1 they discovered an excellent cooling system. But as long as I got my insurance on my PS4 I'm not worried too much.

Ju1641d ago

Are you for real? GTFO


just stop dude. you read one article on n4g about the thermal paste and you're already convinced it breaks consoles? you know absolutely nothing other than the finicky information thats posted on this site. for all you know that paste could work perfectly well with the console. you just read on some site that it might suck and now you're touting that as fact without any real knowledge on the subject.

and for the record the ps4 has excellent cooling. stop talking if you don't know what you're saying.

Cuzzo631641d ago

Looks like ur out of bubbs. Okay, jus turn down the idiot fanboy rant for just a sec and ponder this if yoy can. How many of these ps4 systems are defective, not many. Is it rrod worthy, not even close. Sure ur gonna hear about the defectives surely its not widespread. Come on hardware are prone to failure jus like any other man made product. Now the rrod issue of the 360 was jus negligence. Anywho. Trust me and I kno this is gonna jis burn you even more..... ps4 is gonna out sell xb1. Worldwide. And mark my words. You will have one too...

Ramuh1641d ago

Launches are never a definitive thing. It usually takes a few weeks for the problems to surface w/ continued wear on both consoles.

Visiblemarc1641d ago

All consumer electronics brick. Get ready for reports of Xb1's bricking. Average is 3% bricks. Ps4 is less than 1% brick, let's hope Xb1 does as well, for the sake of people spending their hard earned cash on one.

iiwii1641d ago

XBox 1 is having many problems of it's own.. Machines bricking and cannot download the required update to even play a game on them.. optical drives eating discs or rejecting them, people getting banned after running the manual patch update on their system, and it's not even released worldwide yet.

Better not celebrate too soon over a few PS4 issues.

Clarence1641d ago

Still upset over those Ryse reviews I see. Im certain the xbone will have its share of faulty hardware. Actually im positive the xbone will have faulty hardware.

gigoran1641d ago

Wait... didn't something like that happen to the 360? I think I recall something about a red light and death. But you what the big difference here is? There are 2. First, it's around 1% of ps4s, the 360 was at one time between 30% and 40%. Also, Sony is replacing these units FOR FREE! Microsoft charged people to replace their red ringed 360s for a long time before admitting it was their fault and doing (some) for free.

Sony good guys.
Microsoftcck bad guys.

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ZBlacktt1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

This issue on Amazon is so small for the PS4. Yet another friend just got theirs in the Philippians yesterday from Amazon. Totally loving it and sent pictures.

Destrania1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Got mine from Amazon and it's perfectly great. I'm even typing this response from the PS4 Internet Browser. Cheers!

GribbleGrunger1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Oh WOW, this article couldn't have been timed worse. Ignore the X1 hardware problems and just watch all the 'live' Kinect demonstrations. Tomorrow is going to be a very interesting day.

MatrixxGT1641d ago

Yeah it couldn't have been written worse either. Garbage article.

Gridloc1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

Exactly. Do you honestly think we'll ever hear a true percentage of the failure rate. Probably hear " it's within our expected percentage"...

Corpser1641d ago

Lmao you are so desparate to find these "problems"

Max-Zorin1641d ago (Edited 1641d ago )

How funny, people getting a thrill out of other people consoles failing. This generation of gamers suck.

Einhert1641d ago

Well when you have hoards of idiots who have loyalty to brands instead of great gaming experiences this tends to happen.

Fanboys are exactly like all other religious zealots.

Lets hear some wisdom from Jean luc Picard

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