Bit Tech- X Rebirth Review

BT:Egosoft are known for their post-release support efforts, so maybe in a year's time this will all be fixed. Maybe. But that can hardly justify the hideous mess X Rebirth is as it currently stands. Rebirth was perhaps our most anticipated game of the year, and consequently it is also the most disappointing.

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ATiElite1727d ago

I gave it my best. I put up with a lot of crap but stayed in the fight.

X-Rebirth is too buggy right now. I will be uninstalling it this weekend to make room for something else. When it gets patched to play ability I will install and continue on.

I'm gonna finish Rome 2, continue playing Arma 3, BF4, Guild Wars 2 and get ready for Squadron 42!

searching for my next avatar! X-rebirth needs a X-re-do over!

Saryk1726d ago

How is it compares to Terran Conflict?

ATiElite1726d ago

Terran Conflict dumps all over this.

X-3 TC is wonderful

X-Rebirth - is half of what X-3 is but with more bugs.

if they fix the bugs X-Rebirth is still a great game but many features were removed that make it lesser a game than X-3 TC