T3- Ryse Son of Rome Review

T3:Ryse Son Of Rome is one of the best looking titles on the Xbox One. It’s a pity that the rest of the game isn’t up to scratch.

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MysticStrummer1552d ago

It began hours ago with a 2/5 from Adam Sessler of all people.

GuruMeditation1552d ago

The first shot fired is one of treachery, almost poetic.

LordMaim1552d ago

It is the slow blade which penetrates.

TheEnigma3131552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

So far it looks like this game is average to bad. The main complaint seems to be the shallow combat.

Septic1552d ago

I wouldn't say bad but just average.

Drekken1552d ago

Everyone loves an optimist!

Drekken1552d ago

Sigh all you want. It is a 6 hour game that has uninspired gameplay that has been compared to dialing a rotary telephone. The game runs like it is on rails and dips in frames per second to less than 20 at times.

How this is average in your mind is beyond me. This is just bad.

Septic1552d ago

So you pick that one preview but don't look at the review scores which have reviewed it as average.


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SwordandShield1552d ago

Yep, every review seems to talking about the same thing. Gorgeous graphics but boring and repititive gameplay.

Deividas1552d ago

Exactly what everyone was saying right after the initial demo that was shown and then for months after that. But all thr xfans are "noooo, best game of next gen". bs.

SwordandShield1552d ago

It's a real shame too cause I like the idea of a Roman period action game but having to do a qte for every single execution was just stupid. Of course that was going to get old real fast.

dansdooz1552d ago

you mean average-good ;-)

Imalwaysright1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Wich is what I've been saying since the 1st gameplay vid from the game. The game lacks depth and anyone that has played Bayonetta or Ninja Gaiden would have said the same exact thing.

Another tech demo from Crytek wich imo are the most overrated devs of the industry.

@ swordandshield Shadow of Rome apart from the stealth sections is quite fun to play.

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JsonHenry1552d ago

Thank God for Forza and DR3 I guess. I wanted Ryse to be good. But I just knew it was just a fancy tech demo from the gameplay vids.

When does Garden Warfare come out?!?!?!

dansdooz1552d ago

who gives a toss, if it had gotten less than 5's across the board then yes a stinker but there are some glowing reviews, if you like roman stuff and you like the look of it just buy it, even digital foundry said its a visual feast.
Walking dead won game of the year and that wasnt exactly riveting was it!

PS4OUR1552d ago

Crytek should focus on engine development and leave game development to people who actually focus on gameplay mechanics.

JsonHenry1552d ago

I feel that having played several of Cryteks games over the years that they have made plenty of good games. Maybe not mind blowing but still very solid.

But then again I played them on PC when they released and not years later on a console after the "wow" effect had already been lost so maybe that is why I think that?

fossilfern1552d ago

I will see for myself at midnight tonight! Got DR3 and Ryse pre ordered along with the Day One Edition XBO with Forza.

Bathyj1552d ago

Any Aussies got their Xbones yet. How was the launch?

I supposed if you did you wouldnt be on N4G but would you?

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