Gran Turismo 7 is coming in 2014

Top Gear: GT6 has barely launched, but already the masterminds behind the legendary racing simulator are working on the next one. Yes folks, word is Gran Turismo 7 will land next year.

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Enemy1698d ago

Been in development since they got their first PS4 devkits years ago, it seems. Still, nothing's confirmed.

FamilyGuy1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

I'll believe when I see a demo at the very least. For now this is just teasing. >.>

If you hit that gt7 tag apparently Polyphony has talked about this a couple times already.

Thevariance1698d ago

Possible VGX announcement?

amiga-man1698d ago

The definitive Racing game all with tons of cars and tracks to enjoy, unlike a certain other supposedly next gen game.

abzdine1698d ago


hey, this is what i'm talking about.
it could still be a prologue or a GT6 PS4 edition remake.


PoSTedUP1697d ago

wahttt... thats amazing if true. i dont "jump" Gran Turismo games, so ill be playing GT6 for a while b4 i buy a ps4 for GT7.


Does anyone knows is Logitech G27 wheel works on PS4? I have one, but if it's not supported I'm trading it in with my PS3 next week to get PS4 and games.

AliTheSnake11697d ago

What is the point of Gran turismo 6 ?
Scrap it and make it for next gen.

Enemy1697d ago

^ The point is that Sony's still supporting the PS3. Gran Turismo 6 will be Polyphony Digital's last PS3 game.

Maddens Raiders1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

@AlitheSnake - there have always been two GT's on each PS my friend. The next GT on the PS4 will be an entirely different beast optomized for the Quattro.

UltimateMaster1697d ago

You're over doing it!
The PS4 already has a waiting list of 2.3 million just for gamestop alone and it's bound to be sold out until 2015.
Now if you add the 7 million people that'll buy the PS4 just for GT7, you won't be able to keep up with the demand. You'll break the factories, they'll be shortages of PS4 for years to come because of GT7.
I would wait until summer 2015.

Dee_911697d ago

"Best-case scenario? Next year. "
Best case scenario in game development is like a rainbow unicorn.
It doesn't exist.
Id expect gt7 in 2015
Probably a GT6 for ps4 or a gt7 prologue or something in 2014

tiffac0081697d ago

GT6 Epilogue confirmed for the PS4 because Prologue has already been used on the PS3 XD

memots1697d ago

if true i am very excited !!

Anarki1697d ago

So it taken PD over 5 years to develop Gran Turismo 5, now they seem to be pushing 2 out in 2 years. Hope this isn't a Call of Duty trend. Would have quality over quantity any day. However, PS4 Gran Turismo would be unbelievable. Extremely excited for that day.

PX541697d ago

@Anarki - the reason GT5 took so long to come out was due to the architecture of the PS3. They basically had to rework everything to optimize their results. Given the PS4 architecture is based on 'off the shelf' parts it shouldn't be as hard to develop.

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Bathyj1698d ago

And arent the premium cars basically PS4 ready as far as modelling goes?

PLiPhaze1697d ago

Would kinda like to see all premium cars this time around though

VonBraunschweigg1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

@Phaze. Premium cars are there for gamers, standard cars for those who like to race with their own cars. Japanese folks seem to like that.

All I need is a couple of hundred cars, 300-400 is enough. If the rest of the 1000-1200 is standard, I don't care, I hope the real life owners have fun with them, I do not need to use them. Same as with GT5, the Premiums are enough for me.

On topic: best news of the week, work on GT7 is on it's way:) Even if we only get a Prologue version next year, I'll buy it. Untill then, Gran Turismo 6. And DriveClub. And hopefully Project Cars.

CocoWolfie1698d ago

yeah no doubt theyve been working on it along side other sony studios for a long time.. :p kinda feels nice, that we dont have to wait years upon years for the next release.. (plus i bet it helps that its easier to code for the ps4 than the ps3 :')

sinncross1698d ago

I dunno guys... how is DriveClub going to compete in 2014 with this coming out in the same year?

I think Sony wont push for a 2014 release unless sales are going seriously south with the PS4, which is something I dont see happening.

Man... I want GT7 of course on PS4 but at the same time I do want DriveClub to be given some room to shine too.

qu1ckset1697d ago

Just my opinion Drive Club looks so meh and I prefer a racing sim like forza or GT any day over Drive Clubs meh Arcade style game play with "social features"

dcj05241697d ago

Yeah. If GT7 cones out in 2014 tge Driveclub will have NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER. Give it a chance SONY.

gazgriff2k121698d ago

2015 we will see GT on ps4 and vita
2014 will be GT6 updates and dlc

Magicite1698d ago

a system seller for sure

Mister_Dawg1697d ago

So its coming 2014.
Translated this means you'll see it 2018. Maybe.

Debaitable1697d ago

Doesn't each GT have premium models ready be use for next-gen? With two GT games coming out on PS3 I don't see GT7 being that far off.

GraveLord1697d ago

Easier development on PS4.

Maybe they even had a separate team to get things running while they worked on GT6.

HighResHero1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

Perhaps Drive Club early 2014 then GT 7 with a holiday 2014 release? It does seem a bit early, but I can see them bringing something to the PS4.

YipMan861697d ago

In the interview it is said that next year would be the best case scenario.
So it still could be 2015 or later.

hellzsupernova1697d ago

how big is polyphony? this is great news if true. getting a GT as soon as possible will put sales through the roof

GenericNameHere1697d ago

When did GT3 come out on PS2? GT7 on PS4 next year?? Sony PS2 glory era coming back!

Zancruz1697d ago

Hells Yeah!!!! I can't wait to play with 22 Cappuccinos, 47 Miatas all in PS3 ported graphics.... *Throws money at the screen*

Can't Wait Can't Wait..... >_>

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Hellsvacancy1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

It's going to look terrific on the PS4 no doubt aboot that

I'm not interested in GT6

LaChance1698d ago

Nobody is interested in GT6.

Ron_Danger1698d ago

Based on your one bubble, I'd say no ones been interested in your comments for a while...

Bathyj1698d ago

@Ron. Nailed it.

Well see Lachance. GT not selling? Doesnt happen.

PR_FROM_OHIO1698d ago

I bet more people are interested in GT6 then FORZA 5 lol!!!!!!!!!!

FamilyGuy1698d ago

What are you even doing in this topic? Lmao

I'm interested in GT6 btw

MysticStrummer1698d ago

@LaChance - It's ok little buddy. Ryse reviews have got you down and you're lashing out in anger. Just let it all out.

Thehyph1698d ago

Fail. GT 1-5 are the five top selling first party Sony games. Uncharted, God of War, et all can't touch GT.

Talamak1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )


I'm mad at you for making such a foolish comment, yet having one of the best music producers/artist of the past decade's album cover as your thumbnail's a shame really

Insomnia_841698d ago

OWNED by Ron_Danger, Xsilver, Bathyj, and everyone else.

Leave N4G, bro. lol

mrpsychoticstalker1698d ago

I totally agree with you. Forza is the master of racing games!

Magicite1698d ago

you just missed your chance to post valuable oppinion

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Catoplepas1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

What he actually said was "best case scenario; next year". Hardly what I'd call a release date confirmation.

Still, I'm happy he's optimistic.

lodossrage1698d ago

And here I thought nobody around here read BEYOND titles.

Color me shocked lol.

And exactly, best case scenario, next year does NOT count as a confirmation. But since all people are reading is the title....

r211698d ago

Sweet, gonna be great using the share feature with GT7 :) But first, GT6!