RYSE: Son of Rome performance analysis

Digital foundry see how well RYSE performs on microsofts next gen console the Xbox One

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JokesOnYou1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Uhm the game according to this actually performs well technically but it's the "immense repetition" that reviews hated.

edit uhm I'm reading over most reviews and sure there are some negative comments about the story with plenty more good comments about the story but without a shadow of a doubt especially for the bottom reviews it was that the combat is uninteresting because of the repetitive nature of qte's/finishers, no variation in weapons or playstyle= depth/repetitive and enemy types that repeat over and over again.

GTgamer1769d ago

You clearly forgot that the story is dumb not said by me but the reveiwers :/.

FITgamer1769d ago

JOY you are on stage 3. Bargaining.

u got owned1769d ago

I really don't see this console doing 1080 p and 60FPS without executing graphics on other parts (textures, enemies on screen, shaders, lighting, etc...)

I dont even know how they are gonna make Halo 60FPS, the game will probably look the same as H4 but at 60fps 720p. I just dont see how they can push it any further.

Edward751769d ago

One thing that should hit people from both sides about this game... It's 900p... But nearly all reviewers are saying IT IS THE BEST LOOKING next gen game, it's a graphical masterpiece, or one even went as far to say better then any ps4 game. Sure it might not ever be the best game to play, have the best story, or even sell well (remains to be seen). But the fact that it looks better then any ps4 game out there (for now) kinda does show that the graphical prowess of the ps4 isn't as big as people think. Or to put it in better words, won't really mean that much considering at launch it got bested graphically by the weaker xbone.

georgeenoob1769d ago


So because launch titles aren't 1080p 60fps that means X1 will never achieve it now in its life cycle. Good luck with your fanboy logic.

u got owned1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )


The game is not doing much. You go through tightly controlled paths the entire game. Take KZ:SF for example the game have large open areas where you can choose how to play and still looks as good if not better than Ryse at a higher resolution and higher frame rates.


Games in the XBO life cycle will get worse on the res and frame rate department. With developer pushing bigger worlds, higher textures, better shaders, lighting etc... I don't see them hitting 1080p at 60 fps. hopefully Im wrong because i really want the XBO to be competitive but we'll have to wait and see.

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FamilyGuy1769d ago

Lol, as if the game weren't bad enough already.

Are the visuals worth it?
My guess is that Crytek would at least say yes.

SaturdayNightBeaver1769d ago

Somehow id still play it , if the gameplay and story isnt crap.

JK i would never touch this bs..

DoesUs1769d ago

Lots of dips it seems, try's to hold at 30, but frequent dips into the 26 range is disappointing.

Neonridr1769d ago

and I bet your eyes can totally tell the difference with 4 fps right?

Considering movies are only filmed at 24fps (unless they are special like The Hobbit) and they look naturally smooth.

DoesUs1769d ago

Sorry but yes, yes i can. see it and feel it. Everyone's different yes?

kiz26941769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Its the not the amount of frames it drops its how sudden it happens. If it drops 4fps within on frame, it will be noticeable. Im not saying ryse is an example of this sudden drop, just saying you could see a difference in a 4fps drop.

CernaML1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Uh no.. theres a HUGE difference between movies and games. If games ran at a consistent 24fps then there is a HUGE problem.

And yes, 4 fps WILL make a noticable difference. That solid smooth game will suddenly turn into a juddery mess.

Baka-akaB1769d ago

Not taking part in this argument ... just pointing out that movie have usually a consistent framerate . You'd see a difference in a movie switching btween 20-24 or 24-28 ...

When it does happen on a player or on your pc video players because of some software or hardware issue with hd movies , it's very annoying

paranoid19711769d ago

it actually drops to 20 FPs at some points.

FamilyGuy1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

You can notice any dips in frame rate, if it were locked and not fluctuating at 24fps it would look better than 30fps where it occasionally dips. Movies don't dip in frame rate.
If you're watching anything and it slows down and speeds back up you're gonna notice it.

Just saying.

Boody-Bandit1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Actually the frame rate dips down into the teens when he was firing arrows on the bridge and the explosions start happening. I'm sure there are even more demanding levels where I could see this game hitting low teens or possibly even single digits at times. I'm sure for the most part it will hover around 30fps but teens is chugging and will hamper the gameplay significantly.

In any case Phil Spencer needs to go into ninja mode and be silent for a bit after his Ryse will be locked at 30fps comment. Just as I have been saying all along. This game, like most of the X1's exclusives, needed more time.

JokesOnYou1769d ago

Nah not true watched the whole thing it's 30-28fps most of the time. Higher in spots which is strange and here and there 26-24fps.

Sarcasm1769d ago

60fps to 56fps, hard to spot a difference. 30 to 26, a little more noticeable. I'd say around the 20 range is when it's ridiculous, and around 15 is when it's a slideshow (Dead Rising 3)

Neonridr1769d ago

fair enough, I agree if it's a sudden dip it may be more noticeable. But 1-2 fps is barely noticeable if it happens for an instant and then is gone. Obviously if the game goes from like 30 down to 26 for an extended period, it would definitely be more obvious.

xXxSeTTriPxXx1769d ago

Oh no he/she didn't just compare 24fps in movies to 24fps in games.

Next time use this (/s) when appropriate so ppl won't take the comment as being serious.


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komp1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Says Phil Spencer: last month..

What is going on around the 9:10 onwards mark... 20FPS... woahhh

Boody-Bandit1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Someone needs to hand Phil a towel so he can wipe that egg off of his face. Good catch komp.


on topic
Can we now stop about Ryse and put this to rest? It is exactly what those of us that were being honest to ourselves knew it was going to be. Great visuals, okay performance, shallow and repetitive game mechanics. Typical Crytek.

It's a rental at best with an overall 61 meta score that most likely will drop into the 50's when more scores are calculated into the equation.

PS4OUR1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Are people now going to say framerates don't matter...when it dips below 30fps? I can notice 26fps and below easily when im gaming on my PC.

Lol, this next few days is going to be fun...

nypifisel1769d ago

Lol "Resolution doesn't matter, it's all about FPS" fps drops below 20 "Fps doesn't matter man" - Powered by Xbox One

pyramidshead1769d ago

Ironically with the COD: Ghosts situation between both systems, the frame rate issues for the PS4 version was that it was running at a higher frame rate than 60fps haha.

Sarcasm1769d ago (Edited 1769d ago )

Yeah FPS doesn't matter, Resolution doesn't matter, Graphics doesn't matter, and now that Ryse is out, Gameplay isn't going to matter.

All it's going to be good for is a $500 universal remote.

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kiz26941769d ago

Didn't know the Romans had machine guns that fire arrows that quick!

Nujabes_1769d ago

Didn't know the game was aiming for historic realism. Thanks for telling me.

kiz26941769d ago

We'll if it isn't aiming for realism what is it aiming for? I remember reading a preview and they said it was trying to create the most realistic world of Ancient Rome.