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Gamesblip writes about EA's Need for Speed: Rivals for the PS3.

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SL1M DADDY1728d ago

After seeing the videos on this one I am pretty excited to play it. Looks more akin to Most Wanted and I loved me some Most Wanted.

triforce791728d ago

WiiU most wanted is better...

shaft01401728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Seriously? Lol, second comment and you're starting this already?

mi_titan271728d ago

My NFS Rivals will be arriving via mail tomorrow!!!

WeedyOne1728d ago

I have this game for ps4, its ok. Not much story behind it and not a whole lot of customization options for the cars. Not even that many cars to unlock really. I'm still waiting for a need for speed underground 3 or a most wanted 2...

Demster1728d ago

although I'm a big NfS fan, I don't really think any of the games after Carbon deserve a 9/10. it's basically just the same lame graphic update every year. they try out new concepts which turn out either boring or simply pointless.
proper Most Wanted sequel please.