Crackdown 2 studio hiring for next-gen console project, shipping next year

Crackdown 2 studio Ruffian Games is currently hiring for a variety of roles, a few of which concern a next-gen console product that will ship in 2014.

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parentoftheyear1733d ago

Wonderful news. I hope this is true. Only buying xb1 if this game comes and and system with no kinect.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1732d ago

I've been asking for a games only xbox for a looooong time... really hope it happens

Saviour1732d ago

Most people praising kinects, voice commands working great according to them. hope its true.

parentoftheyear1732d ago

I'm not against it, I just don't want it, I have seen it and it is GREAT, Just not for me. It's like if i go buy a house, i should be able to choose the option if i want sun room or not.

FANTA11801732d ago

that would be great , loved both games.

jimbobwahey1732d ago

I wonder if it's gonna be another sloppy cash-in like Crackdown 2 was. They already put out a brown rehash of the first game with zombies, what can they do this time? Perhaps a grey rehash with ninjas? It's a shame the team that made the original Crackdown isn't working on it, because that game was actually decent.

Adexus1732d ago

You do realize they created the sequel in about 6 months? That's not enough time to do much of anything so the amount things they did to it were impressive to say the least.

jimbobwahey1732d ago

So it was a sloppy cash-in, just like I said.

raistra1732d ago

the gameplay in Crackdown 2 was better, but that was kind of it. If they would've given it a lot more time I hope it would've become a much much better game, maybe even one of the best games this generation.
Crackdown has so much potential, but Microsoft just seems to not really care, hope they've learned from Crackdown 2, give this game the proper development time.

Adexus1732d ago

Wasn't really my point, but sure.

Also Ruffian is pretty much the original team that broke off from Realtime to make Crackdown 2 while Realtime went onto make APB which sucked anyway.

Psychotica1732d ago

I loved that game. I don't know why but the most fun for me was trying to figure out how to get to the top of the biggest building.

gameonbro1732d ago

yeah thats why i like it

raistra1732d ago

Hope tower was a lot of fun to climb, the best designed tower in Crackdown 2

CarnageXB1732d ago

My brothers game design teacher actually designed a lot of the stuff in these games. Like the agency tower. 1 & 2 were fun. I'm looking foward to the 3rd.

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