FIFA 14 vs PES 2014: Which Game Really Is Best?

"We’ve all heard of them, we’ve all seen them being played but which one, FIFA or PES? That is the question.

When you see these two titans of video gaming come head to head on release day, it’s hard to pick which one will provide the most sanctification of endless matches, while locked away in bedrooms for weeks and of course, broken controllers."

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ANIALATOR1361766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

both have their flaws. ps. I applied for a job with this website and you never got back to me

Lord Anubis1765d ago

ProEvo has always been the better option. Haven't bought a fifa game in a while so i can't say if it is still a rubber band game as oppose to proevo free open gameplay.

Belking1765d ago

Graphics/presentation/ polish/ FIFA 14

italkgame1764d ago

How is this PS Vita related?