Why The Xbox One Will Sell More Than The PS4 on Launch Day

The PS4 launch numbers were unprecedented the console set a new record for the gaming industry, but its reign will be very short.

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GarrusVakarian1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

I doubt it, not if the pre order numbers are anything to go by....then you also have to factor in the fact the PS4 has yet to launch in Europe. 1 million + whatever the rest of the world makes on each of their respective launch dates....i can't see MS beating that.

So no. Probably not.

RyuCloudStrife1854d ago

Well at launch PS4 only released in a limited amount of places most noticeably NA, Xbox One is launching in various major territories EU, NA, AU, NZ...

theBAWSE1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

they said 5million plus... lmfaoooo

the grammar in the piece is terrible

as for bragging rights... what happens when ps4 is released in as many countries as xbone from next week?

xbone has a global launch ps4 launched in North America, next week ps4 launches in Europe etc

OrangePowerz1854d ago

They can forget about 5 million for launch because those numbers are predicted for the end of the financial year.

ZBlacktt1854d ago

The interest levels reported over the last 6 months show not much pre orders or interest in the console. So guess wel'll see.

ArchangelMike1854d ago

The PS4 EU launch will dwarf the US launch, simply becasue it will be launching it about 30 territories or something like that. Therefore the PS4 launch will dwarf the XbOne launch simply becasue it will be launcing in fewer territories, and there is alot less demand for the XbOne.

GarrusVakarian1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

"The PS4 EU launch will dwarf the US launch"

Crazy if it does, 1 million is damn impressive (record breaking actually), if the EU launch tops that then my mind will be blown. PS4 is so damn popular, they completely stepped up their game since the PS3 launch.

dedicatedtogamers1854d ago

Wanna know a secret, everyone?

Pssst. I'll tell you:

Launch numbers have far more to do with supply than demand. I can't remember a time when a console DIDN'T sell out at launch. The Wii sold out at launch (duh). So did the Wii-U. So did the 3DS. So did PS3. So did 360. Heck, I'm pretty sure even the Gamecube was a bit hard to find its first week. It mostly boils down to the supply.

With that said, we know that Xbox One is having supply issues (for a variety of reasons). That's why they're launching in fewer countries. I fully expect Microsoft's Day One sales to be around 750,000 to a million, but if/when it turns out that XBox One sold less than PS4, Microsoft will simply make a public statement:

"Xbox One demand is so high, we sold out everywhere! We can't keep up with demand!!!"

OrangePowerz1854d ago

The Wii U and PS3 didn't sell out, I haven't any issues buying either on launch without pre ordering.

MasterCornholio1854d ago

Nope its just that the demand for the PS4 is a lot higher than the demand for Xbox Ones. Even if both manage to satisfy demand without any supply issues, the PS4 will still outsell the Xbox One.

Thats the way it is.

Magicite1854d ago

if u want fair battle then compare PS4 NA launch numbers vs XBOX NA launch numbers

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Neonridr1854d ago

I can't see as many people purchasing the Xbox One as the PS4. Even if the machines were equal in power (which we know this isn't the case), with Sony launching first I think people just couldn't wait to jump on the next gen bandwagon so they opted for the PS4.

That being said, I fully expect to see some impressive sales numbers tomorrow for the Xbox One, but they won't be selling 1 million units in NA alone.

Kayant1854d ago

Well now XB1 is launching in 13 countries day one so if it doesn't beat/match PS4 numbers with it's 2 countries day one then that's going to be a problem for MS going forward.

Once the 29th arrives however oh my it will be interesting to see the numbers.

OrangePowerz1854d ago

On a per country basis I don't think they will sell more as they probably started manufacturing latwr and will have less units available to sell. Also the PS4 didn't even launch yet in Europe so they can only compare sales for the countries both have released.

Wrightylfc881854d ago

The xbox will not sell more than the ps4 at launch guaranteed!!!

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